Fortnite Has Added X-Mens Dark Phoenix to the Item Shop

Fortnite Has Added X-Men's Dark Phoenix to the Item Shop

Richard Walker

The latest Marvel character to be added to the Fortnite roster, Dark Phoenix of the uncanny X-Men is now available via the game's Item Shop. For anyone not in the know, Dark Phoenix is the cosmic alter-ego of Jean Grey, a more powerful guise for the formidable telepath, who is imbued with a dark cosmic force following a rescue mission.

With Dark Phoenix now available to play as on the Fortnite Island, you can pick up the Dark Phoenix Outfit with the Phoenix Force Back Bling from the Fortnite Item Shop, as well as the Wrath of the Phoenix Loading Screen. The Rising Phoenix Emote is also available separately. You can take a closer look at Dark Phoenix below.

Dark Phoenix joins recent Marvel additions like Venom/Eddie Brock from movie Venom: Let There Be Carnage and Shang-Chi. As for fellow X-Men characters, Dark Phoenix also reunites with Wolverine, Storm, and Mystique, who were all added to the game as part of the Fortnite Nexus War event last year.

  • Not Dark Phoenix, just a skin. Please stop making it seem like actual characters are being added to this garbage game.
  • They're 3 years too late to tie this in with that garbage tier film, plus no-one really cares about the X-Men anymore because of how crap the comics and films have gotten over the years. Frankly, this just smacks of desperation on the part of Epic, Disney and Marvel.
  • Every time I hear about Fortnite getting new skins like these I just see "The New Advertisement marketing skin has been added!"
  • @Cirative How much have you actually played it?
  • @2: Let me guess your going whine about those called SJWS and woke. Is your source from Crapfish TV. They just another bootleg copy of The Quivering.
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