Spider-Man Gets His Own Marvels Avengers Cinematic Trailer Ahead of This Months Release

Spider-Man Gets His Own Marvel's Avengers Cinematic Trailer Ahead of This Month's Release

Richard Walker

Having popped up in his own bit of artwork earlier today, developer Crystal Dynamics has gone one better with a new cinematic trailer for Spider-Man, ahead of his impending arrival in a free PlayStation-exclusive chapter for Marvel's Avengers.

Joining forces with the Avengers for his ‘With Great Power’ storyline, Peter Parker lends his webslinging skills to the team in a bid to stop AIM getting their grubby mitts on deadly technology. As Spidey, you'll have a range of acrobatic skills, as well as the ability to traverse long distances with your web shooters.

You can see Spider-Man in action alongside the rest of the Avengers team, as they take the fight to AIM, in the new cinematic video below. Spider-Man will be swinging his way exclusively to PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on 30th November. As well as ol' webhead, Marvel's Avengers will also be receiving a new Raid and system reworks, as per the most recent roadmap.

  • Don't like his voice, why not just use the same voice actor as Insomniac's game?
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