Gran Turismo 7 Gets Another Trailer This Time Focusing Upon Race Tracks

Gran Turismo 7 Gets Another Trailer, This Time Focusing Upon Race Tracks

Richard Walker

Another Gran Turismo 7 trailer has dropped today, following the one about tuning, released earlier this week. This video takes a behind the scenes look at how developer Polyphony Digital approaches building a track in-game, from visiting the track in-person, to using a “high-precision laser scanner” to capture every curve in minute detail.

“I personally feel that we've finally achieved a level of realism that's tangible,” says GT director Kazunori Yamauchi in the latest trailer. “Different lighting conditions, different weather… these things can alter the track completely”. Incidentally, Yamauchi's favourite track is the iconic Nüburgring, thanks for asking.

You can find out more insights about racetracks in Gran Turismo 7, ahead of the game's launch for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on 4th March 2022, in the new trailer below. If you've yet to check out the GT7 25th Anniversary Limited Edition, you can see it here.

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