Marvels Avengers Offers Up First Look at PlayStation-exclusive Spider-Man

Marvel's Avengers Offers Up First Look at PlayStation-exclusive Spider-Man

Matt Lorrigan

Square Enix has given players their first sneak peak at Marvel's Avengers' upcoming DLC character, Spider-Man, with a full trailer coming soon.

Our first image of the friendly neighbourhood superhero gives us a look at the suit design that developer Crystal Dynamics has picked, and as Spider-Man suits go, it's a fairly safe but classic design for the fan-favourite webslinger. Of course, Marvel's Avengers also offers plenty of cosmetic options to unlock for its other heroes, so we imagine there will be plenty of alternate designs based on his comic book history, as well.

Spider-Man was first announced to be coming to Marvel's Avengers as a PlayStation exclusive character last year, but was delayed out of his planned “early 2021" release slot. Now, Spider-Man will be arriving on 30th November 2021, and we're expecting to see him in action in a gameplay trailer later today.

Marvel's Avengers is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

  • With great power, comes great moneytization...
  • The famed Splooge-Shooter returns
  • Spidy should have been in the game to start with and not made a timed exclusive to the PS4/PS5.
  • Generic Spider-Man in a generic game
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