Next Mass Effect Game Gets a Mysterious New Poster

Next Mass Effect Game Gets a Mysterious New Poster

Matt Lorrigan

BioWare was once again celebrating N7 Day yesterday (N7, November 7th, get it?) and it did so by releasing a teasing new poster for the next Mass Effect game.

The poster itself bears the titles “Mass Effect Will Continue”, which is good news, at the very least. Above that, we see what looks like a new ship, with the designation SF or FX. From the ship, we can see four characters from the top down. One of them is unmistakably a Krogan, and the others could be a Turian, Asari, and Human. Continue looking up the poster, and you'll find the huge crater that the group appears to be walking to. Interestingly, the crater actually looks like a Geth head, and if you zoom in, it looks like there's a Geth partially buried in the ground just below the crater. Hmmm, curiouser and curiouser.  

If you missed it, the next Mass Effect game was first announced towards the end of last year with a brief teaser trailer. It appears that this poster could be taking place in the same snowy location that the trailer showed off. It's not a lot to go on, but it already has fans excited. And with Mass Effect Legendary Edition going on to sell better than EA expected, we can only hope BioWare is given the time and resources it needs to make a great fifth Mass Effect game.

  • Now give us more dragon age 4 :D
  • Knowing the downhill Bioware has been for new releases and EA as a whole, i say don't put your hopes up with quality
  • Still have to play Andromeda sometime
  • If this is a continuation, I hope they allow for some choices to be carried over. Even if only via a conversation recap like in ME2 on Playstation when it first came out.
  • Yeah didn't Andromeda leave off without any quest for one of the races? Quarian?
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