Gran Turismo 7 Behind the Scenes Trailer Spotlights the New Livery Editor

Gran Turismo 7 Behind the Scenes Trailer Spotlights the New Livery Editor

Richard Walker

Developer Polyphony Digital has released another brief Gran Turismo 7 video today, spotlighting another of the eagerly-anticipated racer's key features. This time, it's the game's new livery editor that's under the microscope, following the previous video about car culture.

In the new behind the scenes vid, game director Kazunori Yamauchi offers some background on how liveries have been applied to cars since the 1970s, becoming inextricably connected to people's memories of iconic races.

In Gran Turismo 7, the livery editor will give players the chance to create their very own liveries, with easy-to-use tools - your car will be a blank canvas on which you'll be able to express yourself with your own bespoke custom liveries. Apparently, “several million” liveries have already been created using the GT7 livery editor, according to Yamauchi.

You can find out more about Gran Turismo 7's livery editor in the trailer below, then look forward to the return of ‘The Real Driving Simulator’ for PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4 on 4th March 2022. You can also pre-order a limited 25th Anniversary Edition of the game, if you like.

  • Ticktock, patiently waiting to pass time on the clock! March is just too far off!
  • March will be here soon enough! We're already in November - let's just hope there are no large delays i.e. to late 2022.
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