Weird West Rides into Town on PS4 in January

Weird West Rides into Town on PS4 in January

Matt Lorrigan

Devolver Digital has announced that supernatural western Weird West will be launching on 11th January 2022.

Weird West combines action-RPG elements, from an isometric perspective, with immersive sim-style gameplay mechanics. Players can search anything, pick up any items or place any inventory items in the world, carry and bury bodies, set things on fire, and plenty more.

“One of our goals with Weird West is for everything that seems interactive to actually be interactive,” explains creative director Raphael Colantonia. “If you see something that seems possible, chances are it is possible.”

Across the game, you'll play as five different characters, with different stories that will overlap and interconnect at certain points. There are also plenty of locations to explore, strange places to stumble upon, and characters to interact with.

You can check out the new trailer down below. Weird West launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on 11th January 2022.

  • Finally. Was pumped for this since it was featured in the Devolverland Expo thingy last year.
    Hope it won't be a buggy mess.
  • looks neato
  • Seems nice, had no idea about its immersive sim elements.
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