Apex Legends New Storm Point Map Has Monsters Mountains and Beaches

Apex Legends New 'Storm Point' Map Has Monsters, Mountains, and Beaches

Matt Lorrigan

Apex Legends is getting a brand new map - Storm Point - soon, and a new gameplay trailer shows off what to expect from the sandy island.

Storm Point is Apex Legends' biggest map so far, with a diverse selection of locations, from sandy beaches on the shore, to giant mountain slides, offering more verticality than before. This is a wild new location, too, and that means players will be facing deadly wildlife in the form of aggressive wolf-life Prowlers, horrible spiders hatching from disturbed eggs, and winged Flyers. You can avoid Wildlife Nests, or clear them out to get loot and crafting materials.

Storm Point's new POI include Barometer, a spinning platform at the heart of the map, as well as the Command Centre built into the mountain, and the Lightning Rod at the peak of the mountain. You can check out all the new points of interest over in the official blog post here, and see Storm Point in action in the gameplay trailer below.

Apex Legends: Escape kicks off on 2nd November 2021. The new season will also introduce new legend Ash as a playable character.

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