Tormented Souls to Release on PS4 Early Next Year

Tormented Souls to Release on PS4 Early Next Year

Matt Lorrigan

Earlier this year, Tormented Souls channelled the spirit of late 90s horror games like Resident Evil and Silent Hill on PS5, and its now coming to PS4 in early 2022.

The Xbox One version of this old-school survival horror title now has a release window, at last, bringing back fixed camera perspectives, resource management, and puzzle solving into the dark and twisted world of Winterlake Manor.

The game sees you playing as Caroline Walker, led to the small isolated town of Winterlake, and waking up in the dead of night naked, alone, and hooked up to a load of medical equipment. Sounds like someone had a bad night down their local Wetherspoons.

You can check out the launch trailer for the game down below. Tormented Souls is out now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, and is coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch in early 2022.

  • Good stuff.
  • That looks quality, anyone played it?
  • Just seen theres a demo on ps store
  • no demo in the US on the ps4..yet
  • it's not a bad game. graphics aren't anything special but it does have re1 or silent hill vibes
  • Graphics aren’t great. But if you like the old Resident Evil and Silent Hill games you will like it.
  • Very excited for this one. I didn‘t think it would come to PS4, so that‘s nice news.
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