Payday 3 Sees the Original Gang Return, Will Be Set in New York

Payday 3 Sees the Original Gang Return, Will Be Set in New York

Matt Lorrigan

Payday 3 developer Starbreeze revealed new details about the upcoming heist game during a tenth anniversary live stream.

Game director Erik Wonnevi revealed that the original gang of four from the first Payday game - Dallas, Chains, Hoxton, and Wolf - would be returning for the third game, coming out of retirement to start heisting once again. Set years after the first game, the gang are now legendary within the criminal underworld, and they're returning to a more digital world.

“The world has transitioned further into the digital age. So, software giants, cryptocurrencies, mass surveillance, dark web. And this is something you can see reflected in the updates to gadgetry for the gang. So it's both new challenges and new opportunities as well,” explained Wonnevi.

The new game will be set in New York City, at least in the beginning, as a “big scale urban environment” in order to immerse players in the fantasy of being in a living, breathing city.

Payday 3 seems to be coming along nicely, but there was a time when the sequel seemed unlikely due to Starbreeze's financial troubles. However, the developer managed to secure a publishing deal with Koch Media and its new Prime Matter label, with Payday 3 now due to release in 2023.

  • Didn't they also made some Walking Dead game? What happened to that?
  • I hope they make it a bit more casual/solo queue friendly. The few times I tried to get into it were unbearable thanks to an arsehole community. :/ I like the concept but I loath having to play with randoms.

    PC version released to little fanfare as a mediocre title. Console version was canceled due to financial trouble and waning interest.
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