Sony is Hosting a New State of Play Presentation Next Week

Sony is Hosting a New State of Play Presentation Next Week

Matt Lorrigan

Get yourself ready for new PlayStation announcements next week, with a new State of Play presentation coming on Wednesday.

This will be one of Sony's shorter shows, coming in at around twenty minutes long, and players can expect announcements related to both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 games. Sony will be sharing new looks at previously announced games, as well as “a few reveals” from its development partners around the world.

What should we expect from this showcase? It's hard to say really - a lot of the third-party titles that Sony has promoted previously, such as Kena: Bridge of Spirits, have now released, and others like Stray or Forspoken have only recently had new trailers. Who knows, maybe we'll finally get a reveal for the rumoured Bloodborne remaster.

The State of Play will broadcast at 14:00 PT / 22:00 BST on Wednesday 27th October 2021.

  • The only announcement that matters... Bloodborne on PC and ps5
  • @narvalia - While that would be sweet music to thine ears! It would also be nice to hear some news about PS5 games, getting a bit tired of re-releases of everything!
  • Callisto protocol news please
  • Since Bluepoint Games would likely be the best candidate for a Bloodborne Remaster, and they have just been inducted in the PlayStation family, it may not be revealed or shown at this SoP... unless of course, someone else handles the project? :O I'll be excited to see what comes of it!
  • Quick looks at the 2022 release slate I imagine, and maybe drop in a tease for something new and PS5 related.
  • Not expecting big things from this. At most 1 big title or reveal. Shame it's a State of Play and not another Playstation Experience. Can't get enough of those
  • No point showing any games when they can't even get the consoles to gamers a year after launch. No wonder everything coming out is multi gen or re releases, no brain required for most game devs these days.
  • I swear if they don't show Uncharted Golden Abyss remastered, I'll care less! The Uncharted movie coming out so there's gotta be a hint!
  • This’ll definitely be a smaller, less high-profile show. They already blew their load with the 2021 showcase event earlier in the year, and TGA has now become a prime spot for high-profile game announcements. Hopefully something interesting is still at this, though
  • @KC1294, The Uncharted 4 and Lost Legacy are already releasing next to that crappy movie. Would love to see a Golden Abyss remaster too. Maybe Bluepoint Games can make it someday.
  • Unless they're going to unveil a Syphon Filter Remaster/Remake, I couldn't care less about this event.
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