Splinter Cell is Reportedly Finally Getting a New Mainline Game

Splinter Cell is Reportedly Finally Getting a New Mainline Game

Matt Lorrigan

Ubisoft has internally greenlit a new mainline Splinter Cell game, according to a report from VGC.

VGC's development sources have said that a new Splinter Cell game has been put into production at Ubisoft, in an effort to win back a fanbase that has become increasingly frustrated by the French publisher's attempts to bring back Sam Fisher and Splinter Cell in VR and mobile spin-off games.

The report doesn't state which of Ubisoft's development teams will be working on the project, although the sources believe it won't be Ubisoft Montreal, which developed the original title, as well as Chaos Theory and Conviction. The new Splinter Cell game is reportedly in early production, but could be announced as soon as 2022.

Ubisoft boss Yves Guillemot has previously said Assassin's Creed's success had delayed work on a new Splinter Cell game, and that teams at the company were more anxious to work on a new Splinter Cell due to high expectations from fans. Ubisoft's chief creative officer made similar comments, saying that franchises like Splinter Cell and Prince of Persia were “fighting for resources” within Ubisoft. However, Ubisoft clearly still sees it as a franchise with potential, with a Splinter Cell anime in the works at Netflix.

  • Can't wait to take out bandit camps and climb viewpoints with three bulbs on my head.
  • Doubtless it will be a Games as a Service type game that no-one actually wants, or is that just me being cynical...?
  • Knowing Ubisoft, this will have tacked on MP, be open world and riddled with scummy microtransactions so hard pass.
  • Love seeing Ubisoft so late to the party on this. I’m sure they’ll find a way to slaughter the series and cram it with microtransactions.
  • @MajorLeeHairy:
    Take a look at current Ubisoft games. At the very least it will have a co-op feature. They are pretty much done with their transition to GaaS. Recently announced games are almost excluvely multiplayer focused experiences. AC is the only main line game that "just" does the continuous delivery of content part from the GaaS feature list and even that might change iwht their AC World or whatchacallit.
  • Yeah, just like they announced a new 'Ghost Recon game'
  • They better bring Michael Ironside to do the voice for Sam Fisher
  • Ugh, we all know Ubi will fuck it up and make it open world and play like Ghost Recon or some BS.

    I just want a game as close as possible to the original trilogy. Not everything needs to be an open world. Blacklist was even too much of a change in the wrong direction. I don't care about anyone other than Sam. He is a lone wolf and needs to be in tight spaces so he can do he wall splits.
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