Saints Row's Latest Trailer Takes You to Santo Ileso's Gang-Inhabited Districts

Saints Row's Latest Trailer Takes You to Santo Ileso's Gang-Inhabited Districts

Richard Walker

Volition has offered a fresh look at its upcoming Saints Row reboot's city of Santo Ileso, where you'll find yourself embroiled in a power struggle between warring criminal factions. Each faction has its own district, which as the burgeoning Saints gang, you'll need to take for yourself.

Snatching turf from the vicious Los Panteros gang, armed-to-the-teeth younguns' The Idols, and military company Marshall won't be a picnic, however, so you'll want to carefully plan your strategy, before going in guns blazing. In Rancho Provedencia, for instance, the Los Panteros work in their beloved cars at the old Scorpion factory, as well as engaging in a side hustle at the Panther Juice Hot Sauce factory.

They won't take you kindly to sticking your oar in. The same goes for Marshall's Lakeshore territory, an urban landscape of skyscrapers with the company's HQ building at its centre; and Monte Vista, an affluent area home to the rich and powerful, where anarchist group The Idols hold parties in gated homes. They like to destroy “rich people stuff”, apparently.

You'll be able to explore the city of Santo Ileso when Saints Row launches for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC on 25th February 2022. You can check out our first-look preview here.

  • Nope, still doesn't look like Saints Row
  • I see a golf cart wreaking havoc, a playable attack helicopter, some free falling, lots of signage to various degrees of funny (a payday loan with a shark logo, Blue Balls billiard, the flags of the SAD - Schoold of Architecture and Design making fun of artsy student stereotypes), a stupid statue, a building in the form of a cowboy boot, ... a bloody Turdis porta potty.
    I say the hit the right tone.
  • I think timing drums with guns and explosions in trailers has finally been overused
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