Beyond a Steel Sky Dev Diary Offers Insights into the Games Art Style Retail Special Editions Unveiled

Beyond a Steel Sky Dev Diary Offers Insights into the Game's Art Style, Retail Special Editions Unveiled

Richard Walker

Beyond a Steel Sky, the sequel to 1994 cyberpunk adventure classic Beneath a Steel Sky, has today received a new developer diary exploring the game's art style, ahead of its long-awaited console release in late November.

Like the first game, art direction comes care of Watchmen artist Dave Gibbons, with Revolution Software's Charles Cecil (creator of the Broken Sword series) heading up development. Both Gibbons and Sucha Singh offer details on the artistic process and its intent behind the comic book style.

“What we’ve done is to give it a comic book look, because we felt it was really appropriate to the game,” Gibbons explains. This involved creating a custom cel-shading tool called ‘ToonToy’, emulating Gibbons' hand-drawn art style in real-time. “It’s a very fluid process, providing very fast feedback as well," Gibbons adds. “I can do a couple dozen drawings and I’ll get feedback that same day.”

You can find out more about Beyond a Steel Sky's art style in the latest developer diary below, and pore over the various editions of the game that will be available at retail, including the fancy Utopia Edition, Beyond a Steel Book Edition, and the pre-order incentives.

Beyond a Steel Sky launches for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and Nintendo Switch on 30th November.

  • Im looking forward to this. I played the first game (Beneath a Steel Sky) on release day in 1994. Brilliant game. One of my all time favourite games!
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