PST Review Far Cry 6

PST Review: Far Cry 6

Richard Walker

Since Far Cry 3, Ubisoft has settled upon a formula for the series that has served it well for years, and, for Far Cry 6, there's no sign of that template changing anytime soon. A guerrilla fighter leading a resistance. An exotic wilderness. A despotic, eccentric dictator. It's all there, just as you'd expect.

The question is, will you be happy to do it all again? All of the clearing out of enemy encampments, the rallying of bandidos to your cause, the scavenging of resources, and so forth. With new 'Supremo' backpacks, 'Resolver' weapons, and adorable animal 'Amigos' to fight at your side, surely there's more than ample fun to be had here?

Read our definitive Far Cry 6 review to find out.

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