How Does Alan Wake Remastered Compare to the Original? - Comparison Video

How Does Alan Wake Remastered Compare to the Original? - Comparison Video

Matt Lorrigan

It's been eleven long years since Alan Wake made his debut on Xbox 360, wearing one too many coats, and with a permanent five o'clock shadow. Over a decade later, the titular writer returns in a remastered version of the original Alan Wake game making its debut on PS4 and PS5, with a brand new layer of sheen to make him presentable for the modern era.

Of course, we couldn't help but take a look back and see how Alan Wake Remastered compares against the original game, and the results very well might surprise you. At a glance, this is very clearly Alan Wake as you remember it, but how much of an improvement is it over the original? And what visual changes has the developer made to the cult classic action-adventure game?

Take a look at our Alan Wake Remastered comparison video down below to find out ahead of the game's launch tomorrow!

  • Conclusion: They fogged up ;)
  • @Unger: Indeed they did. Lol
  • Looks like they toned down the colours noticably, too. Because there aren't enough grey and dark blue games out there.

    Anyways, I guess I'll wait for a sale to check if I like the game better this time. Imagine they had managed to realize their original vision of an open world quasi Twin Peaks - which Deadly Premonition pulled off hilariously - instead of this offensively linear shooter drawn out by way too many enemies to shoot away because teh videaugemze. It might even have ended up being a horror game!
  • I see they kept the annoying torch with a battery draining like water from a sieve and a light cone reminding of a laser pointer.
    Hard to imagine that this game featured product placement from Energizer back then.
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