PST Review: Hot Wheels Unleashed

PST Review: Hot Wheels Unleashed

Richard Walker

While Hot Wheels doesn’t hold a whole lot of nostalgia for me, since I was more into collecting Matchbox cars, you can see how the Mattel toy vehicles - around since 1968 - caught on, capturing the imagination of kids and adults alike, around the world.

Hot Wheels Unleashed marks the brand’s latest foray into video games in some years, despite relatively recent dalliances in other racing titles, like Rocket League and such. It also promises to be the most definitive Hot Wheels game to date, filled with die-cast cars to fill your garage with, a slew of modes, and a Track Builder for making your own courses.

It looks great, but does Hot Wheels Unleashed have that all-important fun factor?

Read our definitive Hot Wheels Unleashed review to find out.

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