Gearbox is Working on a New Brothers in Arms Game, But We Won't See it For a While

Gearbox is Working on a New Brothers in Arms Game, But We Won't See it For a While

Matt Lorrigan

Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford has seemingly confirmed a new Brothers in Arms game is in development, via the Game Maker's Notebook podcast.

The revelation came during a section of the podcast, in which Pitchford spoke about the pitfalls of announcing a game too early, specifically referencing Gearbox's own Aliens: Colonial Marines, released in 2013.

“We hadn't even signed the deal yet… the ink wasn't even dry and they couldn't help themselves, Fox and Sega,” Pitchford recalled. “Fox was so excited, they wanted to let the world know that their licensing business was good. And Sega was really excited to let the world know that hey, they're making and trying to get into bigger AAA stuff and make some real bets. So the contract wasn't even signed yet and they announced this deal.”

After podcast host (and Insomniac Games CEO) Ted Price commented how strange it was to announce something that early, Pitchford continued.

“Like, I didn't announce Borderlands 3 until it was in beta. And it sucks because I know there's people, like there's a lot of people… we're working on another Brothers in Arms game, but I'm not saying shit until we have it. And we have fans who really love that, and they're just going to have to suffer.”

Seems like Gearbox is working on something Brothers in Arms related, then, but we're unlikely to hear more about it until it's actually ready to show. You can check out the full podcast with Pitchford in the video down below, with these comments coming at around 52 minutes.

  • Would love a new BiA
  • This would be great, albeit, I have very little faith in GB anymore, thus it probably would be a flop.
  • Not anytime soon is how colonial marines started…
  • I just hope they sort the A.I out, because it was borderline moronic at times in the original games :(.
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