Saints Row Gets New Details on Character Customisation, Co-op, and More

Saints Row Gets New Details on Character Customisation, Co-op, and More

Matt Lorrigan

Saints Row developer Volition has revealed more details on the customisation, co-op, and characters that players can expect to see in the upcoming reboot.

While we've only seen the one look for The Boss since the game was revealed, Volition confirms in a blog post that this is one of the most customisable Saints Row games so far. This includes the “most in-depth” character creator ever seen in a Saints Row game, with eight customisation voices, layered clothing and tons more. Vehicles, too, can be heavily customised, and stored in a garage.

Seamless co-op has also been detailed, with players able to drop in and out of a friend's campaign with no lobbies needed. This co-op is cross-gen too, meaning players on PS4 can play with those on PS5, and vice versa.

Since the announcement, there's been some unrest among Saints Row fans regarding the tone of the game and its characters. Volition has addressed this, mentioning that the Saints' iconic purple colour scheme will be introduced more as the game goes on, with the reboot starting the Saints from the bottom. The tone, too, will feature the “classic Saints humour we all know and love” according to Volition. And radio stations will also be returning, with more news on the music coming in the future.

You can check out all the new information - including a breakdown of the four main characters we've seen so far - in the blog post here. You can also read Rich's thoughts on the game, based on an extended preview, here.

Saints Row is coming to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC on 25th February 2022.

  • The fact they changed Rim Jobs to Jim Rob’s says volumes about how toned down this game will be. I have no interest in this wokefest anymore, and will happily just go back to play the previous games.
  • I love this series but definitely seems like one I'd rather pick up for $20 in a year or two, get the Platinum and not think of it again. Sounds like it's gonna tweak things that didn't need changed while retaining a similar, tired combat system and whatnot.
  • @1: Man you gamer bros always whining about woke like an SJW.
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