Dead Space Remake to Feature Dynamic Skin-Peeling Damage System and Overhauled Zero-G

Dead Space Remake to Feature Dynamic Skin-Peeling Damage System and Overhauled Zero-G

Richard Walker

During its Dead Space remake live stream, developer Motive Studio offered a first, very early look at the new version of the 2008 sci-fi survival horror game, which will feature, among other things, a dynamic flesh ‘peeling’ system.

This will impact dismemberment in the new Dead Space, with you first having to strip the flesh from a necromorph, before targeting the exposed bone to tear off the limb. As such, cutting weapons like the plasma cutter will demand a greater level of precision, while assault weapons like the rifle will chew through the skin of enemies, revealing how much damage you've inflicted.

“For us what is interesting is this opens a whole new layer of shooting and combat loop, where you can have some weapons that are better at carving through the enemies and some that are better at cleaning them and removing their flesh,” said Creative director Roman Campos-Oriola (via VGC).

As well as being able to rend the flesh from your enemies, the Dead Space remake will also include overhauled zero-g mechanics, enabling the same kind of 360-degree movement and thrusters that protagonist Isaac Clarke had in Dead Space 2, but not the first game.

“Now you can interact as you fly around, go into tighter corridors and it allows us to revisit some of the old content and introduce new ways to navigate,” Campos-Oriola added. “It allows us to create new environments with new challenges to surprise the people who know the game [well]."

Actor Gunner Wright will also be reprising his role as Isaac, who it seems will have more of a voice in the remake. And while the game's core narrative will remain faithful to the original, Motive notes that it'll be adding more context and ties to the whole Dead Space universe, be it the Dead Space sequels, comics, or anime.

“We are not going to change the foundation of the story because that story is really iconic.It’s about being Isaac, going into that hulking spaceship, and feeling alone and isolated as you try to survive… and try to find Nicole and solve that mystery of The Marker," Campos-Orilola assured. 

“All of those core things of the original are the elements we want to continue to have in the game and build on top of," he added. "The things we want to enrich in terms of story and narrative are really about the bigger universe of Dead Space.”

You can check out the full Dead Space remake live stream for an early look at the game, which is coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. A release window has yet to be announced.

  • Skin peeling sounds like an unnecessary addiction to me.
  • @WickedSeraph Yes I agree, skin peeling is an unnecessary addiction. That’s why lotion exists so your skin doesn’t peel lol
  • Skin peeling sounds great, looks awesome so far!
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