Saints Row Debut Gameplay Introduces You to the Crime-Ridden City of Santo Ileso

Saints Row Debut Gameplay Introduces You to the Crime-Ridden City of Santo Ileso

Richard Walker

Developer Volition has debuted the first gameplay for Saints Row, taking you to the all-new urban sprawl of Santo Ileso, where as ‘The Boss’, you'll be seeking to carve out a rep for the up-and-coming Saints.

Featuring members of the Volition team and voice of the game's protagonist, Bryce Charles, the gameplay serves up just over seven minutes of action and insights, as The Boss bands together with Eli, Neenah, and Kevin to take on Santo Ileso's rival gangs.

Described as the “biggest and best Saints Row playground ever", the reboot will include nine unique districts slap-bang in the middle of the Southwest Desert of America, where you'll fight to snatch turf and grow your criminal empire.

Saints Row will be coming to PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC on 25th February 2022, and you can check out our first-look preview to find out loads more about the game here.

  • Gameplay looks fun. The characters are still awful though unfortunately. Will probably pick up when it’s on sale for about £15 or under.
  • I'm not as excited for it after seeing it, gives me bad Cyberpunk vibes and looks even more cartoonish. Like comment #1 stated, will probably check it out when it's dirt cheap in a year or two.
  • Generic looking protagonists. Will wait for this on PS+ 100%
  • Damn this looks lame as shit. I feel like I did when I saw the videos for Watch Dogs Legion. Zero interest.
  • Nothing was appealing about this.
  • Looks like a SR game. Or a open world action game with shooting focus. Don't know what kind of revelation y'all were expecting.

    Name another game with Steve Urkel please.
  • Still doesn't feel like Saints Row to me, agree with the above and will most likely wait for a sale
  • It looks like SR to me.But I'm not too sure about the desert location though. Like haven't we all been way too long in the GTAV's desert already? I've only played Saints Row 2and 3, the last games looked boring because of the superpowers.

    I would have preferred to have the cast of the past Saints Row games to be in this unnecessary fresh reboot of the franchise.This new game 's story could have easily explained the reason why the old gang had to reave SR3's town Steelport and ended up in this location.

    The gang unintentionally indulged in some consumption of some ultra-strong peyote after the end of SR3. That would explain why the silly, unnecessary games of SR4 and SR: Gat Out of Hell didn't actually happen all. Anf "Presto": all those bad games are nixed from the overall story line. It was all just a high level trip.

    The gang basically destroyed huge parts of the city under the influence of peyote , so they had to run from the law.They ran to this new game's location to build a new life. Quite easy really, no need to remove the old gang from this new game.

    This new game's gang heroes and bad guys are all annoying hipsters. I hate hipsters. I would like the old gang to be the in this new game and do nothing BUT destroy (hunt down ) all these hipsters.

    An open season free-for-all. Fun fun time!!!!

    Oh and that character at 4:32 catching a full-on shotgun blast to the face AND all we get is a bloodsplatter effect is still NOT ok in 2021. We need to see either visual damage to the damaged body parts that stays on or preferably limbs be flying all over.
    Man is miss Soldier of Fortune.
  • And yes no way I'm buying this at full price. Being forced to play as a hipster character from the Watch Dogs franchise is quite off-putting and I'm sure the game will be "free" on PS+ for either PS4/PS5 down the line.
  • These new Saints suck. Thanks Volition for ruining the franchise. Hope this game does not sell well.
  • Hard pass on this, because it just looks like a lazy Saints Row knock off, rather than a genuine Saints Row game and it will probably tank like Agents of Mayhem did. I have a feeling this will be in the bargain bin soon after launch and quickly forgotten about.
  • @c1ned1ne Yeah, I'm sure they put a character who looks like someone for a 90s sitcom in the game because zoomers will think it's "dope".
  • @RRDude_PBB:
    You said they look generic. Please tell me another game that features a "generic" Steve Urkel looking character. If anything that is a rather iconic look. You know, the exact opposite of "generic".
    You should know the difference. Most of your comments are generic negativity towards each and everything.
  • @c1ned1ne I think he meant generic in a general sense... not specifically to gaming characters. I dont know whats "iconic" about looking like a bazillion other hipsters that look exactly like that.
  • @ColdNorway
    I honestly didn't think it looked anything like a true Saints Row game. No humor, nothing to differentiate itself from Grand Theft Auto. To me it really felt like a cheap knock off of GTA. I guess we will see once the game arrives, I'll watch a couple streams. But definitely going to be a $20 or less buy for me. When i would have easily put $70 down for this if the humor was still there.
  • @MikeyPooPants:
    And what's that supposed to mean? Genric means something unspecific, interchangeable. Eli isn't. The character might be hipster, but it's certainly not generic. Even substituting him with another "generic hipster" like white male with man-bun would change the character immensely.
    Same for the gearhead chick. It's might be your "generic" Michelle Rodriguez style character, but that's already very specific character.

    Compare that to your truly generic white brown haired stubble bearded dude in video games. Or your generic assault rifle weapon. Or your damsel-in-distress character with the depth of a blu-ray disc.

    Not that the SR cast is unique either. Dude with anger management problem who was with some black R&B singer, stoner girl turned Lara Croft, female geek with social awkwardness, emo-goth, soviet strongman, ... bonus point for remembering who Carlos Mendoza was.
  • @Dangiscatgamin
    My examples or "evidence" as to why I said that this new reboot looks like just another Saints Row game to me. I was actually talking more about the overall "look" of the game, the graphics looks like SR3 with the same color scheme. The shooting and character movement also looks like SR3 to me. So in that regard it looks like the Saints Row that I know.

    The overall crazy tone or feel of the past Saints Row is nowhere to be found in this preview. As I already mentioned previously in this thread: I can't stand the characters in this new game.Hipsters need to die. The humor "featured" in this preview trailer was dead on arrival.

    I don't understand who they think will buy this game? The old fans of Saints Row or perhaps the new generation of gamers? I'm not sure it will fit anyone. The old fans enjoyed the crass adult humor and crazy missions. I'm sure the me-too and political correctness era we live in now won't tolerate such sexist toilet humor.

    What if the character creator from Saints Row will hurt someone's feelings by being able to create a hideous character? Should that be allowed? Do we need to protect such people from themselves?. Perhaps every new player need to answers 30 questions regarding IRL triggers and perhaps some general info of what Saints Row games might feature. If they answer "wrong" they don't get to play the game?

    Either way I will continue to follow this from afar so if this new game has some new features that might elevate it from "I'll get for free on PS+" to actually buy it on discount. If the Just Cause franchise would just go full-on crazy with the humor we'd forget about Saints Row.
  • @c1ned1ne Wait... What are you talking about? Do you think there's something unique or special about Eli's design because he's black?

    If you think hes special or something because hes a black character, which you seem to since you brought up white guy characters twice, that's a whole different thing. But his design is definitely a generic hipster look.

    I can go downtown and toss a stick in the air and it would probably hit someone that looks exactly like that. His design is such a cookie cutter dime-a-dozen hipster look, I wouldn't be surprised if its sold as kits on Amazon or something I see it so much.
  • I for one are excited for this, think it was time to change location and make it a little less silly, would have loved if it was with the old crew thou, im gonna miss Shauna
  • ...and Johnny ;D

    Where the edit button dammit
  • @MikeyPooPants:
    His looks are an integral part of the character. The chic clothes, the bow tie. It's not "generic". Are there other people running around like it? Probably. So what? You could say the same if he looks like a Jugaloo. Or a pimp. But if you change the look, you change the character.

    On the other hand you can freely interchange the visuals of Joel from Last of Us, Cole from inFamous, any of the Assassins from Assassin's Creed (as long as you keep the "robe"), Broker from Bioshock Infinite, ... their look has nothing to do with their character and they are designed to be a pair of pants for "the average gamer" (read: thirty-something white male).

    Eli has a specific style - Steve Urkel inspired - and not generic Hipster. Hipster is such a wide field. Man-bun wearing vegan, handle-bar mustache with neck and hand tattooes while having a bare chest, lumbersexual, ...

    Let's get to it from another angle: what should a character look like to not be "genric" in your opinion? Or more importantly in RRDude_PBB's opinion.
    "Generic" is just thrown around as a synonym for "I don't like it." And that's what I bloody hate about "gamers". Overusing words to devoid them of all meaning.
  • Also despite them running around your hometown at the dozens apparently, how many characters looking like this do we have in gaming right now
    For me that's a rather unique character. Unlike everyone's favourite Gat whose look can accurately and fully be described as "Asian dude with sunglasses". They actually made him look more generic by removing the blonde hair. He even got his own game back then, True Crime LA. Hell, there is a whole game full of "asian dudes with anger management problems" with Sleeping Dogs. ;)
  • @c1ned1ne Okay, so basically we've gotten to the root of your point... hes black ---> not generic. Got it. You could have just said you like that there's a black hipster character as opposed to "another white guy" character.

    Granted, if you're going by video game standards, its not a character they often throw in them. So if video games are the basis on which you see these things, its probably refreshing.

    But you keep acting like his look isn't a generic hipster, and it totally is. Like I said, it might as well be a mass produced costume people can buy, I see it so often. That whole nerdy-but-not black guy in a bow-tie look is not unique at all. I probably see 10 guys a week that could literally be that characters design model for all I know.

    Unique to *you* doesn't mean its unique to *everyone*.
  • @MikeyPooPants:
    Yeah he's black ... and I havew a deep rooted hatred for white people. White straight males as a matter of fact. You truly understand me.
    In this reality however I wonder what you read. Because obviously not what I wrote if that's all you have taken from it.
  • @c1ned1ne Haha what the fuck are you talking about? I never said anything suggesting you have a "deep rooted hatred for white men". Calm down.

    YOU'RE the one that keeps bringing up race. Your entire point this whole time has been based on how much his character would change if he were replaced by a white guy character. You've brought it up multiple times... its not like I just made it up or something.
  • @MikeyPooPants:
    Jesus H. Christ and his Big Band ...

    He wouldn't change if you replace him with a "white guy". He would change with literally any other look beside "non-comformist, outstanding young entrepreneur". which happens to be a certain style of hipster. His character would change if you keep him black and put him in a basket ball jersey, a pimp suit, Pierce's ganger outfit, have him bare breasted with tattoos, ...
    You could change him to be Indian, Asian, even white as long as you keep the idea of him trying to stand out by looking chic without having him look like money e.g. like Pierce's style in SR3.

    Again: that is the exact opposite of having a generic look. Doesn't matter whether there are people running around like this in real life en masse. If anything that actually makes him believable and not out-of-place. He's a modern tween, so why not make him look like a modern tween?

    That's like the third time I try to explain that to you and all you take away is "he's black"?

    What do people expect? A cast consisting of a clown, a smurf, and a furry?
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