Riders Republics Mass Races are Fun Chaotic Addictive and Frustrating - Gameplay

Riders Republic's Mass Races are Fun, Chaotic, Addictive and Frustrating - Gameplay

Richard Walker

Seemingly created with the sole purpose of causing total chaos, Riders Republic's Mass Races are manic PvP showdowns for up to 60 players (depending on platform), in which you'll switch between disciplines on the fly, all while vying for position amid the pack. And we've got some gameplay of it to share with you. It's nuts.

With snowboarding, skiing, mountain biking, and wingsuiting all fair game as you descend alongside a bustling group of rivals, navigating checkpoints while being jostled, speeding along when being propelled by rockets, and avoiding face-planting into a big rock, are all constant concerns coming at you fast.

If Mass Races in Riders Republic sound like something utterly unhinged, you'd be absolutely right. You can see for yourself in our new gameplay video below, then jump into the beta on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC now for a limited time. Riders Republic launches on 28th October 2021.

  • Eh... looks pretty bad to me. But never was truly propelled by it.
  • I loved steep. I’m wondering what the trophy list will be like.
  • @SideQuestShane, Probably get a Gold medal for every race and break any record
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