Aliens vs Predator DLC Dropping Next Week

Dan Webb

SEGA recently announced that they will be releasing the first batch of DLC next week for their recently released Aliens vs. Predator.

The Swarm Map Pack will contain 2 maps for all competitive game types and 2 new Survivor maps. These maps were previously only available to those that purchased the Special Edition of the game.

The Swarm Map Pack will include the Docks and Machine maps for competitive play and the Outpost and Hive maps for the Survivor mode.

The “Swarm Map Pack” will be available on 18 March for €5.99/ £4.79/ 560 Microsoft Points.

  • What is that, $4.99 USD? Not too bad a price if so.
  • Anyone have these maps? Are they worth the money?
  • @1 well if its 5.99 euro, you're probably looking at around 7 dollars.
  • @ 1: $7,16 to be precise;) not a bad price, but does it have trophies?
  • @ 2; they're out next week...did you not read that?
  • @5. Did you not read that special editions have the maps?
  • @6; I skipped that one sentence.
  • Did they fix the fact that it takes about 15 minutes to get a ranked game yet?
  • Yeah I got these with the hunter edition, they're decent maps, definetely worth it =)
  • @8 i'm pretty sure they fixed it cause they did fix that problem for the demo so i think it's fixed (i don't own the retail game yet but if it's fixed for a free demo then i'm sure it's fixed for the actual game)
  • It doesn't take 10 min anymore. But it certainly takes way too long. Broken matchmaking system. Needs a patch badly.
  • when or r they getting any more trophies?
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