Street Fighter V Champion Edition Oro Gameplay Revealed Ahead of His Arrival Next Week

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition Oro Gameplay Revealed Ahead of His Arrival Next Week

Richard Walker

Due to hit the Street Fighter V roster next week, Capcom has shared new gameplay of Oro, the 140-year-old Japanese hermit from Street Fighter III: The New Generation, who can whip up a mean orb projectile, among other things.

For SF V, Oro also brings along a pet turtle, while his V-Skill I, ‘Onibi’, can conjure a bouncing fireball that can nullify a rival's projectile attacks. V-Skill II for Oro is a short hop with two follow-up strikes, including the Kaki Otoshi overhead, and Eda Uchi kick. Meanwhile, Oro's V-Trigger is called ‘Manriktan’, and turns his eyes bright blue, enabling him to unleash a special Kishinriki ground or air grab.

Wielding a Tengu Stone for V-Trigger II, Oro can use telekinesis to draw three objects to his head that can then be hurled at opponents or used as a barrier. Hold down the move for longer upon activating it, and you can potentially summon five objects rather than three.

Oro is the latest Season 5 character coming to Street Fighter V: Champion Edition, as showcased during Capcom's Summer Update last week, with Akira Kazama from Rival Schools, and new character, Luke, still to come. Oro will be available for Season 5 Pass holders in Street Fighter V: Champion Edition on 16th August.

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