Yamaoka Talks Shadows of the Damned, Inspirations & Western Gamers

Dan Webb

What happens when you take famed game director, Suda 51, and industry stalwart, Shinji Mikami, and put them together in a blender? Well, if you do it literally, you get a bloody mess, but if you're talking figuratively, you get Shadows of the Damned.

The dark themed third-person action shooter, coming your way in June, is a collaborative effort from the two legendary Japanese developers and we caught up with composer Akira Yamaoka recently to talk about the title, what we can expect as gamers from it, where they got their inspirations from and how they designed the game with the Western audience in mind.

Shadows of the Damned is scheduled for a June 21st and June 24th release in North America and Europe respectively.

  • Looks kinda spooky
  • my kind of game. day 1 purchase for me
  • @2 Day 1 purchase for me as well.
  • Looks like fun! :)
  • Loving the look of this great game.
  • This game will be awesome. Amazing team behind it, RE4+DMC = Epic win Day one buy for me too
  • I just hope the next silent hill game developers remember they can ask him to do the sound track and he will.
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