South Park Creators Have Signed a $900 Million Deal That Includes a New Game

South Park Creators Have Signed a $900 Million Deal That Includes a New Game

Richard Walker

South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone have inked a new $900 million deal that will see the duo creating several more series of the show, a bunch of new spin-off movies, and a new video game. The deal with ViacomCBS will be paid out over the next six years, in what is apparently one of the richest TV deals ever.

While the new seasons of the show and 14 (yes, fourteen) accompanying movies for Comedy Central will be released via Viacom's Paramount+ streaming service between now and 2027, a “3D video game that is set in the world of South Park,” is also on the cards, according to a report from Bloomberg.

There's no mention of Ubisoft regarding the new South Park video game, or whether it'll tie-in with previous Ubi South Park efforts, Stick of Truth and The Fractured But Whole. However, it's certain, that for the next six years at least, South Park isn't likely to go anywhere. “South Park pays the bills and then some," Matt Stone remarked. “Trey and I have used that to pay for other stuff we want to do.”

Expect further, more concrete official details on the South Park game at a later date.

  • Fuck yeah!
  • Wonder why they are shifting from the current formula to 3D?
  • More South Park is only ever going to be a good thing.
    I will never get bored of the show, and any game they release will be a day one purchase, because I have faith that Matt and Trey wouldn’t sign off on garbage, SOT and TFBW cemented that.
  • I hope it is the vilian type of game the fbh hinted at the end of its story mode
  • @GizM0 While SoT was great, there was too much jokes and techniques about farting in TFBW for mee.
  • Nice! Looking forward to it, absolutely loved Stick of Truth and The Fractured But Whole. Wonder what fun title they'll think of next
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