Hitman 3s Latest Free Update Takes Players to a British Flower Show

Hitman 3's Latest Free Update Takes Players to a British Flower Show

Matt Lorrigan

Hitman 3's free update is live now, taking players to the Dartmoor Garden Show for a little bit of deadly pruning.

Seemingly inspired by events such as the Chelsea Flower Show, the Dartmoor Garden Show is a brand-new, free, and permanent event for all Hitman 3 players. Unlike the gloomy mansion of the original stage, this version of Dartmoor features bright blue skies, four distinct gardens installed in the mansion grounds, and three judges to decide on the winner. What a perfect day for a slice of assassination.

On your first playthrough, the Dartmoor Garden Show will be a three-stage Escalation, with a client and accomplice randomly assigned. Beating all three stages once will unlock the Summer Sightseeing Suit, as well as Deterministic Mode, which removes the rnadom element and lets you decide who is left alive to claim the gardening prize. Of course, Contracts Mode is fully enabled too, letting you create your own contracts with any NPCs.

You can check out the Dartmoor Garden Show trailer for Hitman 3 below.

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