Mass Effect Legendary Edition Sold Better Than EA Expected

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Sold Better Than EA Expected

Matt Lorrigan

EA has said that sales of Mass Effect Legendary Edition have exceeded expectations since the trilogy launched in May.

As part of the American publishing giant's prepared remarks during EA's most recent financial results, CEO Andrew Wilson credited the “enduring power” of some of EA's single-player IP during the call.

“There is enduring power to the franchises and IP that we are building. The launch of Mass Effect Legendary Edition – the remaster of the first three Mass Effect games – reignited the passion of fans around the world, driving sales performance well above our expectations,” Wilson explained. The CEO also went on to reference Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order, confirming that there will be future games in the series.

“Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order coming to the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 was also a moment for new and returning players to jump into that amazing game. We are continuing to invest in both of these franchises, as well as more of our amazing IP.”

We already know that a new Mass Effect game is on the way, with a teaser trailer shown off late last year, and multiple Mass Effect veterans returning to BioWare to work on it.

  • Sad that EA thought, this will not sell well. There are a lot of ppl who dont play their "shitty mikro transaction filled every year the same game" games...
  • I love how it’s a revelation to EA that gamers want to play good games.
  • It's not like fans in droves have been begging for this for almost 10 years......right?
  • They made one game with a C-team and almost no support which of course tunred out not so great and thought the franchise is dead and no one would be interested in it anymore? Seriously, sometimes I think the games industry exist in it's own dimensional plane where common sense works differently.
  • Good, this and Star wars reminds them to keep making single player games too
  • Maybe they thought that since people already still own it for last gen systems that they won't re-buy it? Or they were expecting sales similar to other HD remakes?
  • Back when ea had any forn of decency
  • @stuntlyd4
    What decency? People are hating on EA since the 90s. It become popular with Ultima 8 when Garriot was more or less openly complaining and mocking them. (And he has since come to terms with them.)
    If you mean that they are not nickle and diming and putting microtransactions into everything. Well, that's because DLC was just in its infancy and it wasn't until the customer base has very clearly shown that it was fine with it that they introduced it in their games. See ME 2 (loads of DLC) and 3 (oh look, microtransactions and lootboxes).

    People really need to stop with their irrational hatred towards them. They are huge company dedicated to their shareholders. They do absolutely nothing other companies do not do also. And quite often the others are way worse. The only difference is that they do pretty much everything that is "unpopular" (sales numbers obviously sing a different tune) with "gamers" because they do dabble into everything - single player games, multiplayer games, annual sport games, mobile games, mmos, ... everything is clearly under the EA banner unlike for example Take 2.
  • They were surprised that a game that did very well last gen did well this gen? Could it be the player base wanting this, or parents showing their children how awesome the games are but the children not owning last gen gear. Plus the fact that it is value for money, you get ALL the games plus ALL the DLC. No other hidden costs or having to wait for a sequel. I love HD remakes of series of games, I can replay them in better detail, speed them to my son. I never played Unchartered on old gen bar the original due to how much DLC there was and how long it took. Now I have the trilogy HD collection with NO mp, wooooo Unrelated, but I do so wish there is a Dead Space HD trilogy!
  • @8 sounds like you want to suck them off
  • @railroberto, Sounds like you're a 12 year old
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