Street Fighter 5s Final New Character is Luke Arriving in November

Street Fighter 5's Final New Character is Luke, Arriving in November

Matt Lorrigan

Capcom has revealed the final fighter coming to Street Fighter V, and this time, it's a brand new character - Luke.

As the last addition to the Street Fighter V roster before the team (presumably) begins work on the next game, what have Capcom brought to the table with Luke? Well, he's an American kickboxer, with tattoos, blonde hair, dog tags, and… not a lot else? We won't lie, he's not one of the more interesting designs we've seen in Street Fighter in recent years, but it seems that Luke will be important going forward, with the official Twitter announcement saying that he will be “a key player in the future of Street Fighter”.

Perhaps he'll play a big role in Street Fighter 6, whenever that may come about? Luke will be launching in Street Fighter V this November, so he won't be around in time for this year's EVO, but we're sure the pros will be watching every frame of the announcement trailer below in preparation.

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