Dead Space Remake Could Include Content Cut From the Original 2008 Release

Dead Space Remake Could Include Content Cut From the Original 2008 Release

Richard Walker

In the works at EA's Motive studio, the upcoming Dead Space remake could include content cut from the original, according to Creative Director, Roman Campos-Oriola. Apparently, the developer has access to every one of the 2008 title's assets, which include designs for environments that didn't make the final cut.

“We started with the original level design of the original Dead Space. What’s funny is that you can see some of the iterations that were made prior to ship by the team,” Campos-Oriola told IGN. “In the first chapter, you can see some corridors that they wanted to do first in a certain way, and then you can understand why they changed it for technical constraints or [some other reason].”

Campos-Oriola went on to say that Motive is completely rebuilding these assets, with new “visuals, sound, gameplay, everything”. He explained: “We are not porting them, it’s not uprezzing the texture or adding more polygons to the model. It’s really rebuilding all these elements, shooting all the animations, et cetera.”

Set to be a full remake using the Frostbite engine, EA has confirmed that Dead Space will be “far more than a remaster”, boasting “improved story, characters and gameplay”, as well as a greater sense of immersion with zero loading times. Campos-Oriola, who joined the project from Ubisoft Montreal, where he worked on For Honor as Creative Director, also noted that the Dead Space remake will include a wealth of accessibility features, too.

“Something that is also really important for us that was not there 12 years ago… is all those options or different ways to play the game if you need it," he commented. ”All those elements of accessibility will definitely be something important for us in terms of opening the Dead Space experience to a broader set of people that didn’t necessarily have the opportunity or could play the game when it came out."

Dead Space will be coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

  • curious whether it'll have a €70 pricetag.
    seems a bit much for a remake
  • I hate these kind of new. "Let's talk about all the things we want to do without actualyl knowing how it will turn out for a game that doesn't even have a release date yet (luckily)". For all we know the project will get scrapped next year because people got sick of re-releases.
    Well, Demon Souls got it.
    80 bloody Euro btw. Ridiculous.
  • @2 Demon’s Souls was worth every penny. Brilliant game!
  • I'll happily pay $70 for this, to each there own, tis why we have variety of product, quality and sales.
  • The more the merrier.
  • I remember when you would have to pay 70.00-75.00 dollars for Genesis and SNES games. NES and Sega Master system games were not cheap either, so wait for it to go on sale if its not worth it to you.
  • Well it's EA, it's def not gonna be below €60,-
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