Dead Space Remake Officially Revealed For PlayStation 5

Dead Space Remake Officially Revealed For PlayStation 5

Richard Walker

Having done the rounds in the rumour mill, EA has officially announced the Dead Space remake, with Star Wars: Squadrons developer Motive working on a new and enhanced version of tortured protagonist Isaac Clarke's original sci-fi horror outing, first released for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and PC back in 2008.

Very little is known about the remake of Dead Space beyond the short teaser presented at the end of today's EA Play Live 2021 event, but it looks to be a pretty faithful take on the original, with Isaac decked out in his instantly recognisable rust-coloured engineer's outfit, with its glowing vitality bar running down the spine.

Upon your return to the USG Ishimura planet cracker vessel overrun by deadly necromorph creatures, you'll have to keep your limb-severing aim sharp once more for when Dead Space drops on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. A release date and further details have yet to be announced.

  • I love Dead Space. The original is the first platinum I ever popped on an account Sony lost in the hack of 2011. It’s what spawned the trophy hunting for me. I’ll give it a whirl and I’ll be optimistic as much as possible anyway. But I haven’t forgotten how badly they screwed up 3 so I hope they took note of that
  • If they do this game dirty, limbs will be cut!

    They hype is real to get into this again and one can only hope that the tried and true is the games glue. No stupid deviations and crap that doesn't nee to be there. Polish it up and add improvements that are worth the effort, no BS!
  • Omg what awful show that EA Play Live with those loser presenters. Even skipping through it I got tired of them already. Only worthwhile things are Lost in Random and this Dead Space remake
  • Really? We get a remake? Weak.
  • As I said to someone else on this matter. I can totally get behind a new audience being introduced to this game for the first time ever. Its no different to a movie being remade 40 years after the original with a new cast and director.

    But the game isn't 40 years old. Its not even 20 and the original dev team were shut down because of how EA wrecked them. Now EA have the fucking audacity to remake it. Not a fucking chance I could support this.
  • FUCK YES! Something's better than nothing, I'm very excited for this.
  • Awesome. Loved this series. Hope it does well enough to reboot all 3 and make some new games in that universe.
  • Remember when you wondered how creatively bankrupt one can be? They found the answer.
  • Maybe I'll pick up a used copy down the line as I don't want to support EA.
  • @DaveEyeCandy:
    the original dev team was 100 % EA studio from the start. They did 100 % EA work. There was no "wrecking them". It was a team put together to work on a game that turned into a franchise that finally didn't turn out as they wanted to becuase of decission they themselves made.
    It was more or less a glorifed project team.

    Am I the only one thinking that game was totally overrated and the hype over the years isn't justified? I remember a scene where one of the team was murdered right in front of the main character with the classic unbreakable glass panel in between. Isaac's reaction to this? The same he had the whole game: silence and total lack of emotion.
    I don't remember it as particularly frightening or horror-y either. The big idea that enemies could come back and/or relentlessly follow Isaac was revealed well before anyone got their hands on it. Did anyone not use the stom to mutilate dead enemies and humans and has gone for headshots?
  • Awesome! I can’t wait!
  • Excellent
  • @c1ned1ne

    I absolutely love Dead Space, but it always bothered me that Isaac was a mute protagonist. You said it perfectly: Some horrific monster brutally murders a team member and Isaac does nothing. People are constantly communicating with Isaac about what needs to be done next and he doesn't respond at all. It annoyed the hell out of me, and does with a lot of games where the main character is mute.

    The devs said he was mute so that the player would portray their own emotions onto the character. Until Dead Space 2 where Isaac just talks all the time like a normal person.

    Someone made a Dead Space movie using footage from the game and they took some of Isaac's dialogue from DS2 so at least when people are speaking to him he gives the occasional response. I can't remember who it's by but it's on YT.
  • Is there a PS4 release for this game? Dead Space is an amazing game.
  • @guitarotaku

    No it’s just for next gen.
  • The key word here is that this is a remake, not a remaster. I think that means basically a reboot.
  • Other than some rare glitches, the original was essentially flawless so just needs a remaster rather than a pointless full on remake.
  • @Terminator, How is it pointless? I think Crash Bandicoot, Resident Evil 2 and 3 and Shadow of the Colossus shows that a remake can be amazing
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