Ratchet &amp Clank are Crossing Dimensions into Fall Guys Soon

Ratchet & Clank are Crossing Dimensions into Fall Guys Soon

Matt Lorrigan

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout's latest crossover costumes are based on the iconic PlayStation duo, Ratchet & Clank, exclusive to PS4 and PS5.

Developer Mediatonic has teamed up with PlayStation to make miniature bean-shaped costumes of Ratchet & Clank, with both characters able to be unlocked in Limited Time Events running from 26th July until 15th August.

“As soon as the possibility of crafting both Ratchet and Clank in bean form came up, the decision was never in doubt; we all wanted to do it!” said Fall Guys lead artist Rob Jackson. “On a personal level as lead artist, Ratchet and Clank are a genuine benchmark. The games they star in show such ambition and the art direction has always left me astounded. As characters, they are instantly recognisable and appealing, so it immediately felt like a great opportunity.”

Ratchet Limited Time Event: July 26 – August 1

The Ratchet Limited Time Event brings a whole week of special Challenges from the hot-shot heroic Lombax, with the exclusive opportunity to unlock.

  • Ratchet Banner: 600 points
  • Lombax Pattern: 1000 points
  • Ratchet Costume (Lower): 1600 points
  • Groovitron Emote: 2000 points
  • Ratchet Costume (Upper): 3200 points

Clank Limited Time Event: August 6 – 15

Clank brings a new set of challenges and oodles of exclusive futuristic rewards for players to get their hands on, featuring…

  • Clank Banner: 600 points
  • Clank Pattern: 1000 points
  • Clank Costume (Lower): 1600 points
  • Clank’s Laugh Emote: 2000 points
  • Clank Costume (Upper): 3200 points

Completing both events will also unlock an exclusive banner featuring Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart's new Lombax character, Rivet. You can check out more details, including the process of creating the costumes, over on the PlayStation Blog here.

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