EA Won't Be Showing Any Star Wars Games at EA Play Live Next Week

EA Won't Be Showing Any Star Wars Games at EA Play Live Next Week

Matt Lorrigan

EA is continuing to manage expectations ahead of its EA Play Live presentation next week, confirming that there won't be any Star Wars games shown.

Fans of EA's Star Wars games had been hoping to see a new title shown at EA's E3-style presentation, whether that was a brand new game or a sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. However, EA has come out to confirm that we will be waiting a bit longer to see see anything Star Wars related from the publishing giant.

“We won’t be showing any new Star Wars games at EA Play Live on July 22nd…but all of us look forward to celebrating with you next year when we share our vision for the Galaxy far, far away,” said a statement from EA.

It seems that we'll be waiting until at least 2022 to see what the future of EA's Star Wars games looks like. However, a sequel to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is already understood to be in the works, and EA has previously said it will continue to work on new Star Wars games, despite the end of its exclusivity deal, following the announcement of Ubisoft's open world Star Wars game.

As for EA Play Live next week, this isn't the first time EA has confirmed a game won't be shown - we also know that we won't be seeing anything Mass Effect or Dragon Age related either. What will EA have to show, then? Maybe a new Dead Space game? We certainly don't have long to wait to find out.

  • Well, there goes pretty much all my excitement for the event. I was hoping for a sequel to Fallen Order. Oh well.
  • Just give us some dead space news
  • Star Wars is the one franchise I'd like annually. Hopefully Disney can get that with multiple publishers.
  • That good, it overly milked garbage followed by numpties like a cult
  • Am i missing something?? Did Ubisoft not get the SW license for future games??
  • No EA just lost the exclusivity. Ubi is making a game but EA likely to continue with Fallen Order sequels, Battlefront 3 and hopefully a sequel to Squadrons.
  • Well they're really making it hard to get excited for this show, no Dragon Age, no Mass Effect, no Star Wars and Battlefield is already messed up. All eyes are on Dead Space or some surprising new IP
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