Ratchet & Clank Dev Insomniac Games is Hiring For a New Multiplayer Game

Ratchet & Clank Dev Insomniac Games is Hiring For a New Multiplayer Game

Richard Walker

Ratchet & Clank developer Insomniac Games is hiring for a new multiplayer game, the nature of which has yet to be revealed. It sounds like development on the title is only just ramping up, however, as the studio is looking to fill several key roles on the project.

Putting the call out on Twitter, Insomniac is after a Creative Director, Systems Designer (Multiplayer), Story Lead, Art Director and VFX Artist to work on its multiplayer project, which could be based within one of its existing IPs, or could be an entirely new thing.

Of course, Insomniac is no stranger to multiplayer, with its Resistance: Fall of Man games boasting a robust online offering back in the PlayStation 3 days. However, there hasn't been a Resistance game since the launch of Resistance 3 in 2011. Could the developer be planning a return to its alien invasion shooter?

When we'll be getting an official announcement is anyone's guess, but you can check out the Insomniac Games job listing here to find out more. While you're waiting to hear something, you can check out our Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart review here.

  • Hmm, since they're so amazing in single player games this doesn't particulary excite me, but who knows. Ghost of Tsushima in co-op worked surprisingly well
  • This seems more like sony's plans that they want more live service games, this studio plus the other two mulitplayer studios they've partnered with(haven being one) So they're probably stepping up most of there studios for live service titles, which sucks because sony was soo awesome/has been awesome with single player games
  • Spiderman: Spiderverse - 3/4 player co-op multiplayer ala Gotham Knights. Yes please.
  • Well they did do mp games before (FUSE, Sunset Overdrive, All4One, Qforce/FFA) that weren't 100% the best, think they need stay on the SP side of things
  • Oh no, please not another Awful One or Q-Farce
  • Hopefully this is Resistance 4.
  • PLEASE BE RESISTANCE 4! It was such an awesome trilogy!
  • @Unger clearly hasn't played the Resistance games, lol... would LOVE a new Resistance game, especially if we got a similar multiplayer to Resistance 2, that was bonkers and I loved it so much!
  • @jbrist, I have not indeed;)
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