Babylons Fall Platinums Latest Game is Coming to PS4 and PS5 - Trailer

Babylon's Fall, Platinum's Latest Game, is Coming to PS4 and PS5 - Trailer

Matt Lorrigan

Square Enix has re-revealed Babylon's Fall, the next title from PlatinumGames, with a new gameplay trailer.

Featuring co-op play for up to four players, Babylon's Fall will bring the kind of fluid combat that Platinum is known for into the multiplayer stage. As you follow the story and complete dungeons, you'll aim to collect equipment along the way. Your character also sports an item called a Gideon's Coffin on their back, which will prove to be an important key item along the way.

The game features a unique art style reminiscent of watercolour paintings, which you can check out down below, along with developer interviews detailing the game.

Babylon's Fall is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and PC.

  • When they were jumping over the lava I was like "that's cool, looks adventure'ish".. everything after that nah, nothing new honestly
  • Looks really boring. And the classic music choice for the trailer is pure aweful.
  • Lame and boring. YouTube dislikes are a proof to that.
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