Starfield Confirmed as an Xbox Console Exclusive, No Plans for PlayStation Release

Starfield Confirmed as an Xbox Console Exclusive, No Plans for PlayStation Release

Richard Walker

Xbox & Bethesda have launched their joint E3 showcase with some more info on Starfield, confirming that Bethesda Game Studio's upcoming sci-fi adventure, set within an all-new universe, will be an Xbox console exclusive. There are no plans to bring the game to PlayStation 5.

Starfield is slated to release in November, and had initially been announced for consoles and PC. Prior to Microsoft's acquisition of Bethesda, the game would presumably have made its way to PlayStation. Now that Xbox and Bethesda are under the same Xbox Studios roof, however, it seems that Bethesda titles on PlayStation may become something of a rarity.

Starfield will be heading to Xbox Series X|S and PC on 11th November 2022. Whether the game will one day make its way to PS5 is uncertain, but we wouldn't count on it. Deathloop and GhostWire: Tokyo remain timed PS5-exclusives, however.

  • With Todd Howard’s hands on the title, it not being on PS5 will be a benefit in the end!
  • Considering Bethesda's track record over their last few titles, I'm not remotely upset by this.
  • "I hope the game's bad just because I won't get to play it cause restrict I myself to one platform"
  • ...and on that day, nothing of value was lost.
  • Yeah new game only to make its way to game pass. I wonder how long this will last once they realize how much money they'll lose
  • This being a new IP I'm not too surprised by this. Hopefully if it turns out to be something I'm interested in my PC will be able to run it.
  • I have both PS5 and Xbox Series X so I’m fine with each console having exclusives.
  • I just hope we still get Elder Scrolls or Fallout
  • Sorry, ...and Fallout
  • So much salt over a game you haven't even seen yet hahaha, I hope it's crap and fails because it's not coming to the console i bought. So many immature and spiteful comments after seeing zero gameplay, and by the way if you are cut a game that you want to play isn't coming to your console of choice, your choice of console was wrong.

    Now you know how Xbox players have felt for the entire last generation, it's the first of many, choke on it :D
  • So much cope in this thread. Imagine having your identity tied to whatever piece of plastic you bought.

    Yikes. People forget "fan" is short for fanatic.
  • play it on PC..
  • Salty is the word. People hoping for the game to be bad because it’s exclusive to the other platform? Grow up kids.

    I own both consoles so no loss here. But this is the result when you keep stressing on exclusives. PS group keeps mentioning about exclusives on every topic against Xbox and when they start to show the results it’s disappointing and hard to accept. I personally love what Phil is doing for Xbox overall. Gamepass is the best thing happened ever for gaming and don’t be surprised that Sony does something like this soon. My primary console of choice is Xbox now and will play only good exclusives on playstation. Diversity of games is another thing playstation should focus on if they are to sustain. An open world action game every time is getting really stale. Xbox showcased RPGs, shooters, action adventure, indies, racing, sport, simulation and strategy. That’s all genres covered.

    Sony on the other hand have been hostile and anti consumer. Increasing the base price of first party games to 70$. Enforced the fact that they should buy ps5 for new games and then back flipped by planning to release horizon 2, god of war 2 on PS4 as well. Even godfall is coming to PS4 now. Ignores backward compatibility having zero respect for the playstation legacy games. Wants to Shut down ps3 and vita stores and then backed off from that too. Digital sales are a joke most of the time. And not to mention those hostile exclusive content for third party multi platform games.

    It’s good and surprising that Sony still has a loyal fan base despite all these hiccups but being salty and thinking ill of other platform games is just low and childish. Accept and move or get a series s to play these games. Its affordable and you support the industry to make great games
  • I'm not salty in the slightest about this game being an Xbox exclusive, because Bethesda have burned me once too often with their games and the broken state they always release in so as far as I'm concerned - Microsoft can keep them!
  • Fallout 76 was the last Bethesda game that I bought and it looks like that'll remain the case for some time to come. Like Terminator, I've been so burnt by Bethesda that I would have genuinely skipped on this game anyway.

    That being said, I hope the game is a success and the poor reputation that more recent Bethesda games have garnered is washed away.
  • @Terminator:
    Also their games simply run sub-par. I don't get how people can play Elder Scrolls and Fallout 3+ at console at all. They are not too demanding on a PC and the experience is so much better just thanks to community patches.
    Having a usable UI for Skyrim or having the abyssmal Germand translation fixed for Oblivion was incredible helpful. I mean, you don't exactly expect "Feuerball" to be a healing spell and I think German players still have PTSD from "Schw. Tr. d. Le.en.-W".
  • Thanks for showing a trailer of what we'll be missing Richard;) OT: Well this was to be expected after the purchase. I think it's really sad the way M$ is handling things by just purchasing game developers. They have a problem with low exclusives and they just throw money at the problem, the Di$ney way. So yeah, for that crappy tactic I certainly hope it'll blow up in their face.

    For this game, I don't mind super much. So many games I still have yet to play and so many I'll probably never play, so I'll put this on the 'Want to, but will never play' pile
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