New Label 'Prime Matter' to Publish Payday 3, a New Painkiller Game, and more

New Label 'Prime Matter' to Publish Payday 3, a New Painkiller Game, and more

Matt Lorrigan

Koch Media has announced its new premium gaming label, Prime Matter, which will be publishing “brilliant, immersive games from studios across the world” including Payday 3 and the next Painkiller game.

Todd Hollenshead from Saber Interactive announced that Prime Matter and Saber Interactive are working together on a new game in the Painkiller franchise, although no further details were revealed. 

In total, Prime Matter announced that it is working on bringing a dozen games to market in the future, with over half of those being new IP, which is always exciting. You can see the full list here, and check many of them out in the Prime Matter sizzle reel down below.

  • PAYDAY 3 - By Starbreeze Studios (Sweden) – The latest upcoming instalment in this high-octane first person co-op shooter game, set in a Hollywood-like environment, that lets players live out the fantasy of being a world-class career criminal who joins the legendary PAYDAY gang to master the art of heisting
  • Crossfire: Legion - Smilegate and Prime Matter are teaming to up to release Canadian developer Blackbird Interactive’s RTS game, Crossfire: Legion. The world of Crossfire provides the perfect scenario and backdrop for an RTS thanks to its unique approach to futuristic global warfare and warring factions
  • The Next Painkiller Game - The legendary Painkiller is back. Keep your eyes open for more info coming soon
  • (New IP) Scars Above - By Mad Head Games (Serbia) is a dark sci-fi action adventure that sees a lone protagonist having to survive on a hostile nightmare world
  • (New IP) Codename Final Form (working title) - From Polish developers Reikon Games is an adrenaline fuelled futuristic FPS with the player taking on the role of a cybernetic Valkyrie saving humanity from extinction
  • Gungrave G.O.R.E. - A stylish third-person action shooter by South Korean Studio IGGYMOB that has you take on the role of Grave, a gunslinger of resurrection and badass anti-hero of your dreams, mowing down tons of enemies in a gory ballet of bullets
  • (New IP) Dolmen - Developed by Massive Work Studio from Brazil, Dolmen is a terrifying new Action RPG that combines futuristic Sci-Fi and Lovecraftian Cosmic Horror
  • (New IP) The Last Oricru - From the minds of developers GoldKnights (Czech Republic), comes The Last Oricru, a third-person action RPG taking place in a unique middle age setting, combined with sci-fi elements
  • (New IP) Echoes Of The End (working title) - Developed by Icelandic studio Myrkur Games - a story-driven single-player action adventure in a unique fantasy world, following the story of Ryn who is in search of her real purpose
  • (New IP) The Chant (working title) - Developed by Canadian Studio Brass Token, their upcoming psychological thriller is an atmospheric third-person psychedelic horror adventure
  • (New IP) Encased - From Russian developer Dark Crystal Games, Encased is a classic RPG where the player is on a mission to discover the secrets hidden underneath a mysterious dome
  • Kings Bounty 2 - Developed by 1C Entertainment (Russia), King's Bounty II is the RPG successor of the well-known franchise which defined RPG strategy, coming August 24, 2021 for PC and console

“Prime Matter is a new home for premium games, offering both current and future partners the expertise of the Koch Media Group alongside a new and dynamic team dedicated to maximizing their true potential,” said Koch Media CEO Klemens Kundratitz. “The core of the video games industry is, of course, entertainment. Prime Matter will constantly look to innovate and inspire players across all its activities while retaining the fundamental values of what makes our industry so special - it's intrinsically fun.”

  • “brilliant, immersive games from studios across the world” AHHHH yes, i love PR speak.
  • @DarkByke, indeed, especially if Starbreeze is the developer, you can not use terms as brilliant or immersive. Or bug free
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