Elden Ring Finally Gets a Glorious New Trailer Launching in January 2022

Elden Ring Finally Gets a Glorious New Trailer, Launching in January 2022

Matt Lorrigan

After months and months of waiting, we've finally have a proper look at Elden Ring, the next game from legendary Japanese developer FromSoftware, and it's arriving in January 2022

And bloody hell, it certainly looks like a FromSoftware game. Gorgeous art style, unbelievable enemy designs, brutal combat and a decaying world full of dragons? Yes please. Hook it into my veins. There's also mount riding in the mix, with horseback combat a new area for the developer to be getting involved in.

Of course, FromSoftware isn't the only draw this. This is a collaboration between FromSoftware and Game of Thrones author George R. R. Martin, and we can't wait to see what that means for the worldbuilding and narrative.

Elden Ring is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC on 21st January 2022.

  • According to the article title. The game is already out
  • Sign me the fuck up!
  • I wonder if Elden Ring’s ending will also be unfinished just like GoT, seeing as George R R Martin is involved
  • New product! So EPIC. MUST CONSUME!

    Got to be honest. I was really hoping this was going to be a Witcher 3-style narrative flawless FROM-style combat mechanics.

    I was excited about G.R.R. Martin's involvement because he is a good writer and world builder, so I was thinking there might be a meaningful story, characters, and dialogue. But this just looks like the same old tired FROM / Souls tropes reshuffled. Just weird shit, vagueness, and self-important bullshit.

    At this point I think the involvement of The Bearded Ham (G.R.R. Martin) was limited to flying to Japan once or twice and eating their food, sending some emails, maybe some Zoom calls, and cashing checks.

    If you've played FROM games as much as I have, you are literally seeing a rehash of everything they have done. From the Maiden in Black to the "fat boss" etc. to Artorias to Bloodborne gothica. It is the same old shit. But with horses and better graphics. There'll be a poison swamp too.
  • This looks uninspired. Very generic Japanese horror fantasy, like any of the other FromSoftware games. Hard pass.
  • @ JuggernautClone… what are you referring to as unfinished?

    You said GOT, but GOT is finished.. the show runners got fed up and wanted to rush it to take on other offers they had received, so they rushed the entire last season and screwed everyone. That’s not Martin’s fault..

    Or are you referring to the A Song of Ice and Fire books, of which ‘A Game of Thrones’ was the first.

    Martin is still working on Winds of Winter, but openly admitted it’s taking its toll. The TV series has so many fans, and only a handful of them have ever read the books. So Martin is trying to find a middle ground, to keep fans of the books and TV series both happy, without butchering his original plans for the series.

    He said it’s difficult, when the TV series followed his work loosely, to truly come up with moments of pure shock and revelation. Without deviating completely from what fans would expect, or what he initially intended.

    Basically, the tits who ran the show screwed him over when they rushed and butchered the final season. So now he’s trying to save his masterpiece from the damage they did.

    It would be very easy for him to just follow the narrative from the TV series and end the books in the same way. But he doesn’t want to, he wants it to be perfect.
  • @dreadnaught. Bright little ray of sunshine aren’t you. Looking at your trophy list you haven’t played that much so let’s calm down shall we.
  • Time to rerun the old souls games ready for Elden ring
  • @Sjp If you say so. I’m just memeing as I don’t care about GoT/Ice and Fire or FromSoftware games
  • @ Wicked Seraph -- You're the only one who is excited and triggered right now, as I wilted your nerd boner over this stupid trailer. So go clean your pants, simmer down a bit, and realize I'm not your enemy and I'm not insulting you by pointing out obvious things about this project.

    All I'm saying is this shit looks EXACTLY like every other FROM title instead of anything that The Fat Man Martin has been involved in. As I said, I was hoping that by including a successful writer and world-builder maybe this game would have like a meaningful story, character, and dialogue -- not just the same old weird Japanese horror fantasy, as @ Cirative put it better than me.

    Dark Souls and Demons Souls were new and cool, like ten years ago. FROM has been shilling the same game since then.

    @ Juggernaut Clone ... The Fat Man is unable to finish Winds of Winter because he is lazy and has no reason to work because of the multimillions he has made by selling out his ASOIAF to HBO, who turned around and ruined it. He is between a rock and a hard place creatively, because I imagine the way he intended to wrap up the series is very different than the place HBO took it. This causes all kinds of problems for a writer.

    On top of that he has no incentive to do anything anymore because of his extreme wealth at this point. He does nothing for half a year during American football season to begin with, because like many fat American men, he is a sports cuck and lives vicariously through watching sweaty men run around a field chasing a ball when he himself probably can't walk up two flights of stairs without stroking out. The rest of the year, he travels to conferences for money and eats meals paid for by someone else, does appearances for money and eats other people's food, and sits on his ass alternatively. The rest of his time is spent crying on his blog, bitching at his fans, and saying he is working Winds of Winter but it is too hard.

    Don't get me wrong. I used to like the Fat Man. When he was slightly less fat and his income came the books and licensing its properties for Fantasy Flight board and card games, he was a pretty cool guy. Now he is a useless turd. The best thing he could do is just turn over his notes and let a motivated, talented fantasy writer finish ASOAIF.
  • Looks stellar in terms of CGI, but other than that, it is pointless news. Until I can see game play, some actually story depth, RPG elements, and so on... I'll assume it will just be another really good FROM title with little to no real change or dynamics. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the FROM formula immensely, but if you involve GRR Matrin (which, honestly, I thing his writing is pretty average), you should really show us story. If he is involved for landscape and visuals... that was simply pointless.
  • Mmhh. Wish this game wasn't that FROM-formularish, even though the setting and all are different but I'm not enjoying this combat style anymore. Has been way too overused the last couple of years. Bet it will be pretty good for hardcore FROM-fans tho.
  • @ Empty Fibers ... I think your assessment of G.R.R. Martin's abilities as a writer is fair, though there are some spots in the novels where dialogue, black humor, and descriptions of things really shine. That said when you combine an average-ish, passable pro writer with exceptional world-building, you get a work that is really special ... and for me that is what ASOIAF was to me.

    And then, I started reading the Witcher novels by Sapowski! His work is a lot more cerebral and challenging conceptually and philosophically. The English translations are excellent, and though I've never read in the original Polish, the translators have either created or captured art and wordplay that far exceeds the level of Martin's writing. In short, I think if you like ASOIAF, you'll love Sapowski, if you are OK with a more challenging read and have a dictionary close at hand. I have a pretty good vocabulary, and I found myself having to look stuff up constantly to get nuances of words.

    I agree it appears Martin's involvement in Elden Ring was pointless. This talk of "legends" conceived by G.R.R. Martin sounds weak AF and really minimal hands-on involvement and paying him to have his name associated to bring in the GOT fanboys ...
  • @dreadnaught_ Oh, I agree with you wholeheartedly regarding G.R.R being able create a wonderful world with FROM, if they did indeed worked out a grand story to accompany stellar world building.

    I read the first 3 books in the series, with enjoyment through 1 & 2, but 3 started to drain me. When I started the forth book, it just sank complete and felt like an absolutely slog in my mind. It is possible I just need to get past certain points, but I haven't been back to them.

    The Witcher Series in on my to read list and I have no qualms about challenging reads, the more the merrier! Big words are also perfectly fine, as I love to come across words I've never experienced before.
  • @ EmptyFibers ... The biggest problem for me in the whole ASOIAF series is "Catelyn" chapters. They are just painful LOL

    It is not so much big words in the Sapowski series but OLD words. The vocabulary of the translators is unbelievable. They pull archaic words referencing arms and armor, geography, clothing, food, and other things with such pinpoint accuracy that for me added value to research the actual nuances they were referencing. I guess doing a dictionary or google search to pin down a meaning breaks immersion a little in some ways, but for me, it increased immersion to invest a little time in research. You can get by without it and get general meaning from context, but for me, it really fleshed out the world for me.

    In hindsight, I think reading those novels while doing my best Witcher 3 playthrough rewired my brain. It is sad that CDPR is in the state they are in now. I fear they will never recreate the brilliance that was Witcher 3. I can't wait for Sapowski to write another Witcher book. Though the Ciri saga is quite good, Geralt is really just a minor character of many.

    My favorite was a "Season of Storms," which is 100% about Geralt and one of his adventures ... it is a standalone story that predates the events of "The Last Wish" and the Ciri saga. But you should read it last because it is self-referential to the events of those other books. To really understand the meaning of what is happening, you have to know the story of those other books.
  • @dreadnaught_ I'll make a notation on my list file to be sure to do so! It may be a long while though, as I have a book back log, eons long, but I have no game back log, lol.

    Currently reading the Mahabharata! It is very much a read and research at the same time deal! Plus it is 13 books in total, all of which, have much length.
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