Final Fantasy Origin is a PS5 Exclusive Soulslike by Team Ninja - Report

Final Fantasy Origin is a PS5 Exclusive Soulslike by Team Ninja - Report

Matt Lorrigan

Square Enix is working with Team Ninja, developer of Nioh and Ninja Gaiden, on a new Final Fantasy game for PS5, according to a report from Fanbyte.

The game is reportedly named Final Fantasy Origin, and is due to revealed by Square Enix during its E3 presentation next month. It seems that a large amount of the June show has leaked, including the game's logo, and plans for an “alpha demo” of the game to release in the summer.

Final Fantasy Origin is expected to play more like the Nioh games and other Soulslikes, rather than a classic JRPG, but will also be more accessible to a wider audience than many of the more difficult games that the genre is known for. Team Ninja has experience in the genre, having worked on Nioh and Nioh 2, and has also worked with Square Enix on fighting game Dissidia Final Fantasy NT.

We shouldn't have too long to wait for the announcement of the game, it seems, although Fanbyte clarifies that there's no guarantee it will show up at E3, with plans ever changing.

  • I'd feel a lot better about this project if it were FROM vs. Team Ninja ...
  • Yet more Soulslikes. Feels like we are saturated in them like the zombie games and brown military shooters of the past.
  • If SE can actually do this right, it could be really good! I agree with dreadnaught_ though, if they could get FROM involved with this, epic!

    @Devalaous - every type of game made is saturated, it is the world you live in and has been for many years, same applies across all aspects of life. But for me, I will take Souls and souls like over every other game type till the day I pass from this beautiful Earth, it's just my favorite type.
  • @Devalaous True

    Even Square-enix has no faith in this project when they have to stamp the Final fantasy name on it.

    Last time Ninja theory entered in Final Fantasy territory didn't end well (Dissidia NT)
  • The rumour says PC + PS5 actually.
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