Mass Effect Legendary Edition  Comparison - Our Favourite Comparison on the Citadel

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Comparison - Our Favourite Comparison on the Citadel

Richard Walker

If you're anything like us, you've been playing Mass Effect Legendary Edition this weekend. You also may have hazy memories of the original games, with Mass Effect now almost 14 years old - how in the hell did that come out in 2007? It feels like yesterday.

Mass Effect 1 was clearly ripe for a proper remaster, then, and for the Legendary Edition, BioWare has pulled out all the stops to bring the first game in the series bang up to date, with up to  4K resolution, a solid 60fps frame rate, speedier loading times, improved textures, new lighting, and more.

You can see how good Mass Effect looks in our comparison video below, and if you're curious about how Mass Effect 2 and Mass Effect 3 also stack up with a nice bit of spit and polish, you'll also find that here. Expect a lot of lovely swipes, comparing the original trilogy to their spiffy, overhauled Legendary counterparts.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition is available now for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

  • I for one love the fact that Mass Effect is back, and i must admit that my face leaked a bit when i took the first steps on Eden Prime after all these years but omg the bugs i have issues with is just frustrating in ME1 - hair that change colour in cutscenes and conversations, abilitys that spread ramdomly when used, a sutten loss of all controls- aiming,shooting, actions and sheapard is suttenly locked in a possition i cant get out off, this has resultet in a lot of mission re-plays... Dammit

    Still i keep gaming, i simply cant stop
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