Resident Evil Village Video Review - Is This the RE VII Sequel Weve Been Craving

Resident Evil Village Video Review - Is This the RE VII Sequel We've Been Craving?

Richard Walker

As Resident Evil Village looms on the horizon like a slavering lycan, baring its teeth, ready to chew on your jugular, we've put together a video version of our review for you to watch, in case you're not so keen on reading the words. It's okay, we've got you. And if you do fancy eye-balling the written version, you can do so here.

A direct sequel to Resident Evil VII: biohazard, RE Village has protagonist Ethan Winters attempting to start a new life in Eastern Europe with wife Mia and baby daughter Rose, only for it all to be turned upside-down. Dumped in the snowy outskirts of a macabre village, it's not long before Ethan is enduring a new nightmare, fending off werewolves, vampires, and other monstrosities.

Is Resident Evil Village worth playing, though? Well, despite the score at the end, we'd say it most certainly is. There's little else like it, even if it does go off the rails, especially during its second half, and no developer conjures oddball, fever dream enemies like Capcom does. Check out our Resident Evil Village video review below to find out more.

Resident Evil Village is out tomorrow for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC. You can also give our comparison video a look here.

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