It Takes Two Has Sold More Than 1 Million Copies

It Takes Two Has Sold More Than 1 Million Copies

Richard Walker

Developer Hazelight Studios has confirmed that It Takes Two, the studio's stellar co-op adventure, has sold over 1 million copies since the game first launched on 26th March. And, apparently, it's “still going strong”.

The latest EA Original from the studio behind A Way Out, It Takes Two sees couple Cody and May going through a breakdown in their relationship, before they're shrunken down and transformed into dolls when daughter Rose makes a wish. Together, with the help of floating book Dr. Hakim, Cody and May have to learn the power of collaboration if they want to return to normal. It's a brilliant co-op game, and definitely worth playing if you haven't already.

“Wow!!! Just found out It Takes Two has sold over 1 million copies and is still going strong! Thank you so much for all the love you’ve shown our game, it means the world to us,” Hazelight tweeted.

“This shows that there definitely is players that also wants to play co op only games!,” outspoken It Takes Two director Josef Fares added in his own tweet. “Thank you everyone and I hope we see more game like this.”

It Takes Two is available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, and PC.

  • Rightfully so, what a masterpiece. I can’t think of any negative think to say about this game. I dont like coop games in general, but this one everybody should try.
  • Wow no need to delete the comment I had put up, especially as there nothing bad. Silly admins
  • CoOp is great. If you have someone to play with. If you don't your interest in that game will drop to zero immediately. That's the problem, not that people don't like it. Developing a Co-Op only game will put up a barrier for sales opposed to a decent single player game with a great co-op experience.
  • @c1ned1ne - That is a huge buying choice when I look into games. Typically I stay away from co-op only games.
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