The Last of Us Remake for PS5 Reportedly in Development at Naughty Dog

The Last of Us Remake for PS5 Reportedly in Development at Naughty Dog

Richard Walker

Rumours are swirling that Naughty Dog is currently at work on a The Last of Us remake for PlayStation 5, having originally been in development at a small studio led by Sony Corp Visual Arts Service Group's Michael Mumbauer.

According to Bloomberg, a team of 30 devs normally tasked with providing support on titles like Insomniac Games' Marvel's Spider-Man and Uncharted, were in the process of remaking 2007's Uncharted: Drake's Fortune, before moving across to The Last of Us remake due to costing and design issues, then subsequently disbanding.

It was decided that a remake of The Last of Us would be an easier project to pitch, and Mumbauer's team was drafted in to provide development support on The Last of Us Part II, putting its The Last of Us remake on hold. Once work on The Last of Us Part II was completed, Mumbauer departed alongside designer David Hall at the end of 2020.

Sony has declined to comment on the Bloomberg report and the existence of a remake of The Last of Us being developed at Naughty Dog, so, as ever, you can take this lot with the requisite pinch of salt. Still, with HBO working on an adaptation of The Last of Us for TV, a remake of the original game would make a certain amount of sense.

  • I hope they leave the multiplayer off. Then I’d be down.

    Don’t really like naughty dog because of uncharted but the feels on last of us were on point. Aside from the 180 lol moment for the mp they tacked on.
  • I agree with Wicked. If they left multiplayer off, I’ll pick it up.
  • I'd consider it but they're gonna charge €80 for it so I'm out.
  • @QDawg, yeah I would wait for it to price drop before I pay that much for an almost 10 year old game..
  • I'll pay $10-15 for it ( Like i do with everything now) or wait for it to be PS+ lol. There's no point in remaking a game that's 8 years old. Makes no sense, especially since the remaster looked fine.

    It'll probably include the MP though.. it was huge for the first game. I know lots of people who actually got the game for only the MP.
  • As much as I love The Last Of Us (part 1 only), it's already had one remaster. Would rather we got a new Jak And Daxter.
  • Tlou2 didn't sell. Soo lets remake for the second time the good one imaright?
  • They'll probably make Joel a cross dresser.
  • I'm not supporting Neil Druckmann in any capacity.
  • So every new generation just gets a remake of the remake from days past now? How often do we need to play the same game?
    PS4 was amzing at launch because it dared to come with new IPs. Some major successes like Horizon, some more like Knack. But at least something new.

    Also these constant remakes kills any incentive for providing backwards compatibility or at least keeping old gmes around. Who will need a PS4 storefront in 2025 if all the games are announced as remaster for PS6 and purchasable for the bargain price of only 90 dollars?
  • I was going to say Id probably go for the platinum if they took MP out, but the more I thought about it, the more I feel like Ive had my fill of TLoU, so Ill probably just pass.

    I didn't even finish the 2nd one and I have no desire to.
  • I know this seems ridiculous but when you factor in I believe the stat was 25% of PS5s were new players to PSN that's a sizeable audience you may be able to sell your best game(s) to. Not that I'd ever buy these remakes. I've played it I'm done but I can get the business thinking behind milking the new entrants. Also likely this may be rolled out alongside the show to boost revenues.
  • This is WAY TOO SOON for a remake. I mean it was already remastered. Why did it need a remake and so soon?! Sony ain't doing themselves any favors with the bad publicity as of late. Maybe they need this to wake the f up! This is ridiculous.
  • Why not a Jak and Daxter remake, so we can have Ratchet and Jak again as reasons to get a PS5? Remaking a game that is already on the PS5 via backwards compatibility, with PS5 upgrade features, is a waste.
  • @1 Just don’t play the multiplayer then lol
  • @Radford999:
    The issue are multiplayer trophies. They were a bloody grind in the original and have been made unobtainable for PS3 already. For a game that is mainly a (as I understand even quite superb) single player experience, that just stings. Not to mention that the trophies for the SP are not exactly a blind walkthrough either.
  • A remake of a game that’s not even 2 full gens old? Jesus fucking Christ. This is just more proof to me that Naughty Dog stopped being a decent game dev once the PS3 gen started
  • @narvalia
    You've got your facts a tad twisted mate. It may have been received with mixed receptions, but it sold - and it sold well.
  • Was expecting a ps5 remake/edition and didnt play the game yet. Hopefully they will remove the multiplayer trophies. Good news for me!
  • Remakeness Awaits. PS5, what a joke.
  • Why?
  • Or here's a crazy idea... make new games instead of remaking 5 year old games. :000
  • They can put loads of Abby content in it and force you to play 3/4 of the game as her
  • Jim Ryan must be fired.
  • I want to say nobody needs or wants it, but it‘ll sell like hot cakes.
  • Pretty sure they mean remaster. Game isn't even 10 years old yet.
  • @Me0wschwitz07: I think narvalia got his source from the whining Anti-SJW community.
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