How To Fix the Outriders CE-107880-4 Error Code on PS5

How To Fix the Outriders CE-107880-4 Error Code on PS5

Dan Webb

Players who are looking to play Outriders on their PS5 consoles tomorrow (or even preload it today) might come across an error code when trying to download it from the online store, specifically error code CE-107880-4.

The error code seems to crop up when you try to download the PS5 version of the game, with no issues at all arising when you try and download the PS4 version. Well, good news, folks, after trying every bloody thing under the sun to get it downloading, we finally got it working, thanks to the joys of remote downloads – where you can control what your PS5 downloads from

All you need to do is, once you’ve purchased it, is head over to your recently purchased library on ( and click the download button next to the PS5 version of Outriders. It’s that simple. 
That said, it might not work first time, so you might have to click it a few times, but trust us, folks, it does work!

So that’s it, a simple solution to an annoying problem! Just make sure you have all the remote access features setup on your PS5 and your account though before you try this method.

  • This game just keeps on giving me reasons to not like it.

    I hope they have improved on sound quality and the average visuals since the demo however not being able to release the download properly does not give me high hopes.
  • I saw people play the early access version on pc. And the game has really hard stuttering when there is a little bit of action in the field. I´ll wait until some further updates and price drops. 70€ is little bit to much in my opinion.
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