Tormented Souls Pivots to PlayStation 5, Bringing Classic Survival Horror Later This Year

Tormented Souls Pivots to PlayStation 5, Bringing Classic Survival Horror Later This Year

Richard Walker

Inspired by the likes of Silent Hill, Resident Evil, and Alone in the Dark, Tormented Souls promises a “modern take” on classic survival horror when it releases later this year. Initially announced for PS4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC back in August 2020, publisher PQube has today confirmed that the game will now be coming to PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S instead.

Rather than having a fixed camera like Resident Evil, Tormented Souls will feature a camera that follows protagonist Caroline Walker around, as she finds herself lured to the small town of Winterlake by unknown forces. Soon, she'll find herself searching for answers and a way out, ultimately fighting for her life, having awoken naked in a bathtub, hooked up to old medical equipment.

Finding herself in an old mansion turned hospital, Caroline will have puzzles to solve, resources to manage, dark creatures to face, and another place and time to explore via mirrors. Promising to take advantaged of next-gen hardware to provide “power and depth” to the experience, Tormented Souls will be coming to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC later in 2021.

A physical edition of Tormented Souls will also be available for PS5 and Switch, priced $42.46/£29.99, offering a boxed copy of the game and an exclusive ‘Sun and Moon’ Coin when purchased via the FunStock store.

  • This looks good and bears watching.

    As Resident Evil turns down the modern shooter path, it is nice to see somebody else pick up the survival horror mantle.
  • Keeping an eye on this! RE7 did good back in the direction of the RE roots, and the demo for Village seemed to be doing the same. So hopefully Village returns even more to the roots!
  • @ Empty Fibers ... Yeah I hope so too.

    But would argue RE has turned a corner that this Tormented Souls is turning back.

    The full-body 3rd person camera chase seems like an innovative solution.
  • No argument regarding RE switching to first person from me! It is a big dislike in the series, but I can get over it and still enjoy 7 for all the other RE goodies!

    I know Village will still be first person, but hey, things will change, it is just the way of all things. Can only hope it changes for the better as a whole, not because of my singular desire and wants. We can merely choose to enjoy it with a grain of salt or close our wallets at the days end.
  • Let's hope it's not ANOTHER supposedly classical survival horror game that's nothing like the classical survival horror games and over in three hours.
  • @ SoPoF ... Yeah. I hope this one doesn't disappoint. A lot have.

    But man, the protagonist waking up in a filthy bathroom in a tub full of dirty water and hooked up to filthy medical equipment! That seems like a good start in the right direction LOL !!!

    @ Cirative ... I appreciate your view and excellent points. Very wise and mature perspective to separate individual desire (often for nostalgia) and what is reasonable. Hard to do when you're emotional about it, as I am. Sometimes I find it is better to just go back and replay a game I loved than trying to find a new one that gave me those feels.
  • @dreadnaught_ I hear ya man, but I am only emotional about being called someone else, lol! No, not really, but hard miss there buddy. Anyhow, I hope we all get a sweet gem with this one, so sweet in fact, that our nostalgia is just percolating with childish joy!
  • @ Empty Fibers ... Crap, man. Sorry. Feel like an ass. Think the world of both you guys. That's why.
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