Metro Exodus PlayStation 5 Enhancements Outlined in Full: Ray-Tracing and 4K Promised

Metro Exodus PlayStation 5 Enhancements Outlined in Full: Ray-Tracing and 4K Promised

Richard Walker

Confirmed back in November 2020, Metro Exodus is due to receive an ‘Enhanced Edition’ upgrade for PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, and PC, boosting the game's visual fidelity and performance with better frame rates, bolstered resolution up to 4K, faster loading times, and next-gen ray tracing.

Today, developer 4A Games has offered some additional detail on the forthcoming update, listing every one of the enhancements that will be arriving for the next-gen version of the game, with ray tracing extending to every light source throughout, alongside “per-pixel" ray traced global illumination, ray traced emissive surfaces with area shadows, and an infinite number of ray traced light bounces.

It all sounds very interesting, but what it all boils down to is a game that promises to feel more immersive than it originally did upon its release in 2019. You can see a complete list of everything that the free Enhanced Edition update will be bringing to Metro Exodus, when it arrives for owners of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One version of the game. This includes the previously confirmed FOV slider, 4K textures, bug fixes, and polish, as well as DualSense support for the PS5 version.

A launch date for the update has yet to be announced, but it is set to arrive sometime in 2021. 4A is also currently at work on the next Metro game, with World War Z developer Saber Interactive “exploring multiplayer concepts” for the new title.

  • Will it offer raytracing in 4K?
  • No, the ps5 / xbx can't do RT and 4k simultaneously. You need atleast a RTX 3800 for that game. And probably use DLSS 2.0 for full ultra RTX 4K.

    Like all current gen game, Metro Exodus will be an option to focus on 60+FPS or 30FPS RT.
    I suspect a 4k 60fps and 30fps with RT on since a 2080Ti can already pull 60fps/4k on this game.
  • @narvalia, that's what I thought, was hoping to be wrong though
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