Silent Hill Creator Keiichiro Toyama Shares Vision for Bokeh Game Studio's Upcoming Horror Game

Silent Hill Creator Keiichiro Toyama Shares Vision for Bokeh Game Studio's Upcoming Horror Game

Richard Walker

Bokeh Game Studio has today shared a first look at its vision for its upcoming horror game, helmed by the newly-founded developer's CEO and Creative Director Keiichiro Toyama. The horror title will be the studio's debut project, with Silent Hill and Gravity Rush creator Toyama initially looking into “multiple directions” for the game.

Opting for something “quite dark”, Toyama-san remarks that Bokeh's first game will see a return to his Silent Hill roots, as shown in some of the trailer's concept images, which depict twisted creatures and other nightmarish weirdness. The game also promises to deal with similar themes to Silent Hill, as Toyama explains.

“The view I have of horror is everyday life being shaken," says Toyama in the video. “Rather than showing scary things, it should make us question our position, make us challenge the fact that we're living peacefully," he added. ”You have these regular people being driven into irrational situations. They're on the edge emotionally, dealing with action or drama."

All of this sounds remarkably close to Silent Hill, which saw seemingly normal people like Harry Mason, James Sutherland, and Heather Mason thrust into extraordinary circumstances in the first three Silent Hill games. You can find out more about Toyama's vision, themes, and concepts for Bokeh's debut horror game in the video below.

Hopefully, a title and further details regarding Bokeh's first project will be revealed soon, with Toyama joined by Junya Okura and Kazunobu Sato, who all worked together on the Forbidden Siren horror series for PS2.

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  • Doesn't look too interesting, the concept art at least, but since all three series, Silent Hill, Siren and Gravity Rush are outstanding, I'll stay excited.
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