Rainbow Six Quarantine to Release By September, Name Could Still Change

Rainbow Six Quarantine to Release By September, Name Could Still Change

Matt Lorrigan

Ubisoft has confirmed that Rainbow Six Quarantine, as well as Far Cry 6, are still planned for release within the first half of Ubisoft's 2021 financial year during its most recent financial call.

With the French publisher's financial year running from April 2021 to March 2022, this puts both titles on track to release by the end of September 2021. We might already know the release date of Far Cry 6, thanks to a leak on the Microsoft Store, but this gives us a firm window of when to expect the new 3-player PvE Rainbow Six game.

Ubisoft has also suggested that Rainbow Six Quarantine could see a name change in the future. When asked if there were any PR concerns surrounding a game containing an alien virus releasing during the current global pandemic, Ubisoft CEO Yves Guillemot said that “on Rainbow Six Quarantine, we are creating a product that is actually, as it’s named today, it is something we are evaluating and we will see what comes in the future on that product.” 

Rainbow Six Quarantine was first revealed at E3 2019, but barely anything has been seen of the game since.

In other Ubisoft news, the company reported record numbers for Q3 2020-21, with the release of Assassin's Creed Valhalla, Watch Dogs Legion and Immortals Fenyx Rising contributing to the publisher's higher ever revenue for the period between October and December.

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  • Are people really that thin-skinned? Yes, the current pandemic is serious and should be treated as such, but to potentially change the name of a game because of it is just pathetic. If the name could potentially remind people of a tragic incident caused by humans, yes, the name change could be justified then, but not for something natural, like a viral pandemic, especially since this game was announced BEFORE the pandemic even started.

    This sounds as PC as when China banned Plague Inc. Evolved shortly after the pandemic started.
  • To be fair, technically, at no point during this pandemic has there actually been a "quarantine." Or a "lockdown."

    Shuttering the locations and services that make life enjoyable, yet still keeping things like grocery stores, etc. opening and thus allowing, if not forcing people, to congregate in limited spaces and stand in lines, masked or not, has the exact opposite effect of a quarantine or lockdown.

    A quarantine is a period of time (historically, 40 days ... that's where the root of the word comes from) when a traveler, having been exposed to a contagious disease or having traveled from a region where a contagious disease is present, is isolated. This pandemic could have been prevented if quarantines for travelers were enforced.

    For examples of lockdowns, look no further than the drastic actions taken in sub-Saharan Africa to control hemorrhagic fever outbreaks (like Ebola) concentrated in limited areas. In a lockdown, people are forced to stay in their homes and food and necessities are brought to residents by, usually, the military or otherwise governmental agency.

    Anyway, food for thought. As such, it is unreasonable and ridiculous for people to be triggered by the title of a video game, as @ CrystalGoddess88 states, or for people to worry about it.
  • I haven't quarantined at all during this supposed pandemic and made a fortune off of it. I literally just bought a $265,000 house last week after all the money I made. The only thing I did was continue working and doing my normal stuff. And before people say, "But my job shut down! Wahhh!" I literally went through four jobs last year because they kept shutting down. I won't let others prevent me from succeeding.
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