PST Review: Little Nightmares II

PST Review: Little Nightmares II

Richard Walker

Almost four years ago, Little Nightmares came from seemingly out of nowhere, delivering its own Playdead-style platforming adventure reminiscent of Limbo and Inside. It had all of the key ingredients to ensure it persisted in the memory, with surreal dreamlike imagery, oddball characters, and everyday items given a macabre, otherworldly veneer.

A sequel was always going to be inevitable, then, and developer Tarsier Studios has looked to double down on what made the original special, with Little Nightmares protagonist Six returning alongside new kid Mono, in another selection of nightmarish environments where they'll have to rely on one another to survive. Sounds promising, doesn't it? But does Little Nightmares II deliver on that promise?

Read our definitive Little Nightmares II review to find out.

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