Mass Effect Legendary Edition Had to Cut 'Pinnacle Station' DLC Due to Lost Code

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Had to Cut 'Pinnacle Station' DLC Due to Lost Code

Matt Lorrigan

We got our first proper look at Mass Effect Legendary Edition earlier this week, which packages together the original trilogy of games with over forty pieces of DLC, along with overhauled visuals and performance. However, there is one piece of DLC that won't be making the cut.

Speaking to Game Informer, Game Director Mac Walters explained that the team at BioWare wasn't able to include Pinnacle Station, the second piece of DLC released for the original Mass Effect, due to lost code. That particular bit of DLC was actually developed by a different team, Demiurge Studios, and despite EA and BioWare managing to obtain backups for the code from Demiurge, nearly all the data was corrupted. Walters described it as an “emotional roller coaster”.

“It would basically take us another full six months just to do this with most of the team we've got,” says Walters on the prospect of recreating the Pinnacle Station DLC from scratch. “I wish we could do it. Honestly, just because this is meant to be everything that the team ever created, brought together again - all the single-player content. And so, leaving it all on the cutting-room floor, it was heartbreaking.”

While it certainly would have been nice for all single-player content to have been included, Pinnacle Station wasn't particularly well received when it launched in 2009, and more substantial expansions such as Citadel will be included.

Mass Effect Legendary Edition launches for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on 14th May 2021.

  • Weren't there similar cases where whole games with lost source code got an HD-Remaster or Rerelease or whatever by reverse engineering the game? And this little DLC was too much trouble to avoid a broken heart?
  • Would be nice to get this as a free update down the line, and the Multiplayer as a standalone title. They said it themselves, the multiplayer is still active to this day and they would have liked to have done it.
  • @1 This was the case with Silent Hill 2, but their decision to power through was more out of necessity because sales of just SH3 in HD wouldn't compare to bundling the two games together.

    There is always the possibility that this DLC is revisited at a later date if the demand is high enough, but given the amount of content we're getting versus one DLC that people didn't like all that much... doesn't bother me. Though I do feel for the guy falling short of making the definitive edition of the game.
  • This reminds me of when they said they couldn't include Pinnacle when they ported Mass Effect over to the PS3.
  • @3 And that is why the Silent Hill HD remaster is easily one of the worst remasters ever released.
  • Hm, no, I didn't mean SH. (Are you sure about lost code for that? I think it was only the original voice-overs for SH3 that were lost.) There were actually good examples for reverse engineered remastereds. (I'm not even sure this is the correct term for this procedure, but you get the idea.)
  • It's the same reason they couldn't put it on the PS3 version back in 2012. I believe the Silent Hill 2 situation was a little different, because they had some sort of code build through Konami they could still use. Just not the original souce code.

    I think they don't even have a build they could pull anything from and reverse engineering the dlc wouldn't get them what they needed to recreate it. I believe that was what they said in 2012.
  • Pinnacle Station was horrible on ME anyway. Its a shame it wasn't kept back for ME2 where the gun combat had improved massively. The grind for the achievements was pretty shite too. Only upside was visiting Shepards new apartment but that novelty dried up the first time you went and saw what it was like. No real lose not having this in the legend trilogy.
  • Well by EAs standards of remastering, be only an extra 5 pixels added to it and no hdr 4k despite saying it does
  • With Silent Hill, the devs were provided with buggy beta builds that they weren't given enough time to finish, and also the devs Konami chose had zero experience remastering games. Neither original voice cast were going to be included at first, since the VA for James kicked up a huge litigation stink about reusing his voice, but they managed to round all the VAs for 2 up to sign off on it, but not 3. Hence why 3 only has the new voice cast.

    Ontopic, Pinnacle Station was underwhelming and had like zero story, so not a huge loss tbh.
  • Still don't understand why developers and IP holders don't preserve the source code for post-2000 games.
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